TSA Boss: New Pat-Downs Are More Invasive

WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the Transportation Security Administration is acknowledging that the new pat-downs are more invasive than what travelers were used to in the past.

TSA administrator John Pistole says he has received the new pat-down, as has his boss, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Some travelers complain that the new inspections target sensitive body areas. Pistole says he understands those privacy concerns, but says the government must provide the best possible security for air travelers.

Pistole was testifying before a Senate committee about TSA policies and procedures. The hearing was scheduled before the recent outrage about airport security pat-downs.

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  1. MJ says:

    we need to do WHATEVER isreal does END OF STORY

    1. sk says:

      thank you for recognizing israel’s security measures. Israel has the most sophisticated system of security. No one wonders why attacks have not happened on a flight to Israel (out of all places in the world wouldn’t you expect that?)Yes, they do discrminate a lot. However they managed to prevent terrorists from getting on flights. In addition, the pilots are trained to prevent hijacking. The problem is other countires don’t want to accept Israel’s assistance. That applies we need israel’s help.

  2. Michael Panella says:

    we need to profile like Israel. So if you look like a sand jockey, talk like a sand jockey, dress like a sand jockey get in the X-ray machine.

  3. Come to Papa says:

    I hereby volunteer my services to the T&A: I will eagerly (and thoroughly) “wand” and/or pat-down all travelling hot-chix.

  4. otto says:

    We are trading our liberties for increased security. We will wind up with neither liberty or security. Let’s call it what it is … we DO live in a police state. Sadly, things will only get worse … not better 😦

    Any person who follows this issue past just reading the “mass media” interpretation knows that full body scanners and invasive pat down searches will stop NOTHING. Any terrorist worth his salt will not be standing on line at the airport hoping he can get past the TSA … they have already planned their caper miles past the TSA checkpoints.

    This is about getting U.S. citizens accustomed to giving up their liberties & rights. Problem … Reaction … Solution.

  5. Big Willey says:

    I mean, after all it IS about safety isn’t it? Forget about the fourth amendment, forget about personal liberties, forget the indignity, potential health risks, humiliation and anything else that comes with the cost.

    When you get on that plane, you will KNOW that you are 100% safe! No possibility of any other mishaps. A terrorist wouldn’t dare try anything sneaky because the tsa planned for every contingency and the captain has just turned on the fasten seat belt sign. You can sit back an relax now. Weather looks good (well at least here on the ground), flaps are up for take-off – good. Air traffic control is looking-out for you and the pilots appears to be sober and freshly groped (probably for the 6th time today).

    Me, I’m feelin fine, just went through the scanner myself. No problems or backtalk. Complied with eagle-eyed authority who could not only physically see I was no security risk but could sense it through his 2-week training course he had in reading people’s body language and facial expressions. Plus my calm, cool demeanor was a clear signal I could only be nothing more than a passenger on his way to grandma’s.

    I lingered a little bit after my security check. Pretended to look for my ticket, adjusted my belt, re-tied my shoes but this was all a ploy, I really was there to watch the hot babe being felt-up by the dim-witted tsa agent. The fact that the passenger was really uncomfortable with this public spectacle made it even more exciting to watch!

    So thank you Janet and John Pistole. I may have had to give up a little more liberty but at least I will get a five minute peep-show all free and perfectly legal!

    Government sanctioned voyeurism all signed-sealed and delivered.

    Happy days for the USA! Come visitors – I’ll be hanging out just past security waitin for ya!

  6. TI says:

    I commend the new policy. Social policy…developed with the intent for the good of “society”… so stop worrying about your private parts and try to understand policies established with the nation’s security in mind…

  7. TT says:

    I read the TSA has the rights to file a civil suite against you if you DECLINE BOTH scanner and PAT-DOWN. Is that true?

  8. Roy says:

    are her goves on or off?

  9. valerie says:

    You people are sick! This is for security, not to get your jollies out!

  10. WICKED swami vidyananda says:

    The TSA should look carefully when SWAMI VIDYANANDA from the AMERICA SEVASHRAM SANGHA is traveling to India and GUYANA>

    This man is a fraud – he hide monies in his shoe and in a waist band that he uses to tie his clothing.


  11. Troy Fister says:

    All I ask is that if I get a real “invasive” pat-down that it finishes with a happy ending!

  12. PerveyHervey says:

    Hey, this is going to be great! Think I will hang-out at the airport more often so I can watch some hot chics being felt-up! After all, I can’t do that to them out in public but the tsa can!!! woo hoo!!!

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