NYPD Searches For Queens Mugging Spree Suspects

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The NYPD was trying to put a stop to a mugging spree in Queens Friday. Officers were stepping up patrols in their search for a group of robbers targeting people at bus stops in Fresh Meadows.

Antonio Baez said he had no idea there’s a band of thugs beating up and robbing people in Fresh Meadows as they walk to and away from area bus stops at night.

“It amazes me because this area is kind of quiet,” he said. “But it is like a blind spot. You don’t see no officers hardly passing through here. And it takes a long time for the buses to come.”

Detectives said three men seen in surveillance video were responsible for a total of seven incidents.

The victims were approached from behind and robbed of their valuables, including cash, wallets, credit cards, and cell phones.

The attacks took place in the same general area, the first on October 20.

Investigators said there were three more attacks this week alone. On Monday night, a woman was robbed of her cell phone near a bus stop right on Union Turnpike in front of St. John’s University.

Then on Tuesday, police said, the suspects struck again near the intersection of 77th Avenue and 166th Street.

Two more victims, both women, were assaulted and robbed Wednesday night, one near the intersection of 197th Street and 75th Avenue, another near 165th Street and Horace Harding Expressway.

Although university officials said none of these cases involve their students, several were worried.

“Probably after 8 o’clock I will stay on campus,” one sophomore said. “I’m just scared about this.”

“It’s not something I’m happy about, being that it’s St. John’s University. A lot of kids come in and out of this school, all different times, during the day, during the night,” another student said.


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  1. Dexterity says:

    Honestly. Its New York. Whaddya expect. Grow up with the racist comments.

  2. habib69 says:

    ooh, i see, now lets bring out the mid east rules? if you took advise from the quran, you would not rob in the first place. if you understood what the quran says about hurting others, committing crime, etc, you would be more sincere in life. I say Devenio is right. chop off some of their hands for stealing on camera, do the same with rapist. then monitor the rape and stealing/robbing rates few months. Problem is that these idiots think too highly of themselves. they think they are hero. no humility or humbleness. I am not saying these stuff do not happen in muslim nations. but its a lot less common in countries like saudi arabia, egypt, etc. it happens often in Pakistan, india, bangladesh. Then again there are a lot of these idiots with islamic NAMES but doesnt follow 10% of Prophet Muhammed’s teachings… Well people, all I can tell you is that be smart. give the damn wallet & iphone4 away. its not worth your life. but if you can kick their @$$ do a good damn job…

  3. doc says:

    What’s up? Black kids wanting something for nothing?

    1. king puto says:

      they may be black…but their heart is total darknesssssss!

  4. Devenio says:

    We need to adopt some law from the middle East. Robbing, stealing, – you loose a hand. But… We also need to find away to provide jobs for all you want them.

    1. KPMc says:

      Can we maim people for bad grammar, punctuation and spelling too? I mean, we spent millions to provide you with a good, free education and this is the result? I say all taxpayers were robbed and it’s time for YOU to pay up.

  5. Monifah Blumpkin says:

    Y’all just be haters.

    1. Devenio says:

      Yeah, people hate being robbed. If you are going to rob someone, go after the top one percent of the greedy population. Don’t rob the person just trying to fed his/her family.

      1. KPMc says:

        I didn’t realize there were acceptable rules to robbing people. I thought wrong was just wrong.

  6. JD says:

    Oh my son never did nothin’ he innocent

  7. Delilah says:

    Everyone here is missing the point. When you have a very small community and then you totally over crowed it, you’re looking for trouble. You are inviting problems. I live in this area and yes in years past we had incidents, but since St John’s took over the entire community with dorms, the problems have been getting worse and totally out of control with every new school year, but no one wants to look at this picture for some unknown reason. The surrounding area around St John’s University is so over crowded it’s unbelievable. We went from a small community where everyone knew what car belonged to who on your block, to a virtual parking lot of cars 24/7 everyday and although I have no problems with progress there should be limits to how overcrowded one organization can make a community. And let’s face it a college community and a recession is an open invite to thugs which makes it dangerous not only for the students, but for the community itself.

  8. Gregg says:

    Being a victim whom was robbed of a small amount was told by police that these thieves don’t really care about being caught as they are in and out of jail all the time ! There is something wrong with society and our criminal justice system !

    1. babel says:

      a culture that accepts no responsibility for the upbringing of their children is whats wrong. its not society its bad parents. always has been always will be, the problems keep on existing because this idea is never put in the forefront. low class people having kids!

  9. jtorres says:

    There’s nothing to “Understand” Young, old, then, now – mugging, robbing, beating innocent people is now and has always been wrong, wrong, wrong. Now we have Big Brother and people scream about their civil liberties and invasion of privacy. until they are mugged, beaten or raped and the assault is caught on camera and that results in an arrrest and a conviction. Watch me all you want. If I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m not sweating it.

  10. steve says:

    You follow after your parents!

  11. CSI says:

    When they get hurt or killed then their parents will be crying saying “Oh my kid was a good boy. He wouldn’t do that”. Yeah ok. He’s on camera wave hello to your son because pretty soon you wont see him. Soon enough they all going to get what they deserve. Hopefully more.

  12. carls1959 says:

    I’d rather compete for an illegal alien’s job, than rob working people. Hey, how about you idiots go rob some drug dealers? Nobody will care then.

    1. Stevefrompa says:

      My kids say U dont understand and its not like it used to be when u were young ur old now…But just like when I was young kids are still doing dumb things that jeopordize their whole life and future..the difference now is there is a camera just about every 100ft and and 90% of the public have cell phone cameras…funny im not to old to realize that…

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