LI Home Invasion Suspects Facing Arraignment

MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBS 2) – Six suspects accused of storming a house by presenting flowers to the homeowner then drawing guns are expected to face a judge on Sunday morning for arraignment.

Police said one of the men rang the doorbell and gave a woman some flowers. Then using a gun, the men pushed their way through and terrorized and robbed the family in Woodbury, Long Island, CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis reports.

“He give me the bouquet, the flowers and took the gun out from the bag and put it on my head,” said the woman, who did not want to give her name.

Meanwhile, upstairs a woman hiding in the bathroom called police.

“I heard distant voices and I thought this isn’t normal and the firs thing I thought: call the cops,” she told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

Nassau County Police Det. Lt. Kevin Smith credited the woman’s quick thinking in their swift ability to capture the suspects.

“She’s on the line with our operators. We immediately dispatch the police officers to that scene. In two minutes, the officers arrived at the scene,” Smith told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan.

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Immediately after the first man, the others stormed the house. Two of them had guns and one had a taster, police said.

The men tied up a 61-year-old woman, held up her 67-year-old husband, his male home health aide and two other women, police said.

The woman upstairs who had called the police still had not been found. Eventually as the suspects searched the house, they kicked in the bathroom door.

“He got me in the bathroom and searched me and said ‘Do you have a phone on you? Do you have a phone on you?’ and I said “No, no, no,’” the woman said.

But she did have a phone, and within minutes Nassau County Police had the house surrounded. The suspects took off out the back door and into a wooded area, but they didn’t get far.

Police arrested all six of them with the help of search dogs and helicopters. Each suspect has New York City addresses and all face charges of robbery, burglary, conspiracy and criminal use of a firearm.

“For this 18-year-old girl to have the presence of mind to lock herself in the bathroom and dial 911 immediately and leave the line open,” Smith said.

No one in the house was injured and police recovered all of the stolen property from the suspects’ getaway vehicles.

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One Comment

  1. Roy says:

    maximum sentenced for all of these low lifes,you can be sure ,they are not first timers………………they would have killed everybody in the house,if they had the chance…………………

  2. Karla M.. says:

    I don’t think they should be put to death for a home invasion.. I know one of the men involved and he was raised by a good and loving family.. This forum should be called ” Crime & Punishment” since everyone knows what punishment fits the crime.. You have committed sin too. I know that God wouldn’t want us passing judgment on anyone based on one article.. So wait for all the facts.

  3. nazbi says:

    What about innocent until proven guilty, let the law deal with them, there is a punishment to fit every crime in this country

  4. neighbor says:

    I wouldn’t call them KILLERS.. they had plenty of time to kill if that was what they wanted to do. Besides.. when was the last time a killer brought a Taser along to do the job?

  5. no name says:

    I live next to one of these guys, he has a nice family

    1. Bob says:

      which one???

  6. otto says:

    mean looking bunch. living behind bars will probably suit them. who are we kidding … they’ll be back on the street before we know it!

    1. no mame says:

      no they won’t. they are staying in jail for 14 years.

  7. ENUFF says:

    Hang them on PPV

  8. ExCop says:

    I wonder which one of these guys is the “Brains” of the outfit.

  9. .m. koobeer says:

    These culpritrs, if found guilty ( well I do not know what defence they are going to put up) should be dealth with in the most severe way and given the maximum sentence the Law prescribes. It is coming the festive season and people should be more careful in answering the doors, They come in all sort of disguise. We have seen this happened all the time this time of the year.
    Take extra precaution when answering the door bells.

    1. Roy says:

      Put to death AND given the most maximum sentence….??? Are you rational?
      First of all, death IS the most severe sentence and after they are dead what would you like? Life sentence?
      You are becoming emotional and that says a lot about your ability to judge. I suggest professional help.

      1. mak says:

        Roy, koober mispelled dealt. His post should read, “… should be DEALT with in the most severe way and given the maximum sentence the law prescribes.”

      2. DA Truth says:

        You are a moron dude, these losers will kill when let out. They are animals and need to be put to sleep. This country is in denial with this cancer and needs to wake up. Hang them in public and it will stop their homeys from following in their footsteps. BTW: I’m a minority and proudly support death for these losers.

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