Paterson’s 900 Worker Layoffs On The Way

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The nearly 900 New York state workers scheduled for layoffs Dec. 31 are getting information about their rights in a grim holiday mailing.

The letters to 898 people slated for layoffs announced by Gov. David Paterson in October advise them of their rights under union contracts and civil service law. In some cases, targeted employees will be able to “bump” a colleague with less seniority. The provision gives the employee a period of time to decide.

Final layoff notices don’t need to be sent until Dec. 10 to comply with a union contract that requires at least 20 days’ notice.

The layoffs are part of Paterson’s plan to address $250 million of the state’s deepening deficit.

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  1. otto says:

    thank you for that info morris. i had no idea about the elderly women. i mean, i always had a feeling old ladies were up to “something”, but i never knew they held that much wealth. do they really need THAT much money?

  2. JudgeMeAndIJudgeU says:

    The deficit wasn’t created by Gov. Patterson. So why blame the Governor for our fiscal troubles. You know the rules right?… those who have the GOLD make the rules. Those who make the rules have the power. Those who are drunk with power have created our fiscal problems. Blaming a politician for greedy choices of rich businessmen and women (Wall Street) is insane. The results of years of poor political leadership can no longer be swept under the proverbial rug. Don’t hate the messenger…err… the Governor for delivering the bad news.

    What do you expect our new Governor Elect Cuomo Jr. is going to do besides layoff and cut more budgets?

  3. morristhewise says:

    There is a justified solution to the burden of the nations deficit, it can be ended by expropriating 50% of the 35 trillion dollars held by elderly women. The vast majority of that wealth was obtained on the backs of hard working men. In a pay back of those manly sacrifices, that wealth should be used to ease the back breaking obligations of Uncle Sam.

  4. CrosstheBorder says:

    But the tax breaks for big companies, who are also laying off continue, and Wall Street will get its bonuses this year, again. Home of the brave and land of the free. Yeah, right.

  5. south of the border says:

    Why not tell him there gone, he can’t see anyway.

  6. northoftheborder says:

    Let’s layoff Paterson.

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