‘Facebook Pastor’ Offers To Step Down Over Affair

NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) —  A New Jersey pastor who believes Facebook leads to infidelity has offered to step down over a past affair that involved a three-way sexual relationship with his wife and a male church assistant.

Pastor Cedric Miller spoke to his flock at Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune Township for about an hour on Sunday.

His sermon came days after reports that the 48-year-old testified in 2003 that he had a threesome with his wife and the male assistant 10 years ago.

“For any pain that my past mistakes has caused you, I again ask for your forgiveness,” the pastor said.

Miller, with his wife by his side, asked any church leaders who supported him to join them, and an estimated 100 parishioners walked on the stage.

Miller apologized for what he said was a foolish transgression from his past. He offered to step down as senior minister if church leaders found him unfit to serve. Miller said church elders will render a vote of “confidence” or “no confidence” in his ability to lead during a meeting Tuesday.

“Should the elders and leaders now deem me unfit for duty, I love the church enough to step down immediately,” he said.

The pastor continued to call on church leaders to delete their Facebook accounts, claiming the social network site could lead to infidelity.

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One Comment


    If You choose to engage in Adultery/Fornication, so be it. But don’t stand in front of a congregation and pretend to be more holy than thou. Because you are “preaching the word of God”. No one has initially thrown the stone until you chose to cast your sin/baggage. You owed no one an apology other than who you betrayed. You by no means needed to “Go public”…I can bet my next Sunday meal that it was perhaps the first and definitely not the only. Don’t try to make it appear superficial because you claim it to be…10 YEARS AGO….You are young, your wife is young…and your hormones are out of control. Use that cloth to “wrap it up”..

  2. kp says:

    I am a member of Living Word of Neptune. This is old news to us, we the congregation have dealt with this over 10+ years ago. He without sin throw the first stone! Careful God is watching you!

  3. C.J. says:

    I bet this clown has other secrets he’s hiding.

  4. Celeste Myrick says:

    This happened 10 years ago. He apologized and obviously his record and behavior since then is in tact. Come on, 10 years ago?! oh brotha. Let’s move on and in the words of the Bible, HE IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE – especially 10 years ago

  5. C.J. says:

    That so called pastor is a fake like all the other so called religious leaders are. I am thankful I never let myself be brainwashed into believing any of that regligion nonsense.

  6. Jim Forrester says:

    what a show, contributions must have been down, now he can write a book.

  7. CArlinhos says:

    OK we take your word and quit right now, typical christian hipocrisy, they always do the opposite of what they preach, starting with Jesus.

  8. Des says:

    Wow…this guy brings a new meaning to the phrase “The pot calling the kettle black.” He tells his parishioners that they should unsubscribe from Facebook because it leads to infidelity. Yet, he had a three-way love affair long before Facebook became a social networking hit. This just proves that what it comes down to is choice. People were having affairs long before the internet was created, and if you take away the internet tomorrow, affairs will continue to happen. What a hypocrite!

  9. Akinleye Ayobami Akinwole says:

    married folks watch ya back!

  10. The Monk says:

    What is wrong with a threesome when your wife is invovled? Who has the right to tell you how to have sex?


    Good..step aside. Talk about worshiping “with the devil”. Just another man using something to justify his cheating. He’s no different from the guy next door.
    Even though this took place supposedly 10 years ago, he’s still an adulterer, DISGUSTING.
    Perhaps he needed the other church member to come in and supplement what he could not for his wife………PERHAPS…… !!!!!!!!

    1. Cedric Miller, Playa says:

      Hey baby,

      Whatchoo wearin’ right now?

      1. THATSHOWMENARE says:


  12. Charlie Sheen says:

    Huh. And here I am thinking that horniness leads to infidelity; but what do I know.

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