B&C’s Write Your Own Caption: Al Dukes Edition

Think you can write a great caption? Boomer & Carton want to see what you’ve got.

Can you beat our caption for this Al Dukes classic? Add your own in the comments below…

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  • Robert

    Why are we so happy? The two of us just smoke everything oon my shirt,,,

  • Paul

    I am smiling cause the guy behind me had to wear the lipstick this time.

  • john

    Mike gets the best guess…

  • Ed

    “CuhCuhCuhCuh..COME ON” with that hat!!!

  • Lafoils

    Sweet, the NAMBLA convention is in town.

  • Kendric

    His wife had to have cgaterbon him before.. he us always talkibg about other peoples wife..

  • Alex

    Craig is a. Dam idiot..

  • Joe

    I won free turkey sandwiches for a year with this hat and smile!

  • BOB


  • Joe

    Will someone let me know when my ride is here? It looks just like a school bus but about 1/4 the size.

  • Jason

    Craig just bought me a bottle of 21 year old Bushmills.

  • Kevin McKee

    Hey im not wearing any underwear!!

  • Ed

    Hey I know I can’t sing, but with this hat, you might not notice.
    Oh, you can?

  • Don

    Hey Kate, what does Prince William have that I don’t have? I bet he’d never take you to a great Thai place in Basking Ridge!

  • Dave

    That’s a HAT box of rocks right there.

  • Andrew

    If that’s a REAL turkey breast dress – then I am just gaga

  • Andrew

    “If that’s a real turkey breast dress on her, then I am just gaga !

  • RichieQwest

    C’mon Carton—I can hold this smile for another 20 minutes–can you?

  • Mild Bill

    Would you buy an All American Ford from this guy?

  • Danny

    Their reaction when they heard that Charlie Sheen will be arriving shortly.

  • Scotty

    Mike francesa is the best!!!!

  • MIKE


  • Warren

    Where is the girls at brother???

  • Peter

    I am from Canada, and I hear speak bad about the people from Canada all the time.. NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Hey, my brother and I are a couple of wild and crazy guys from Czechoslovakia. Where can we meet some young american foxes?

  • Adam Guntmacher

    “That’s right,they really do pay me for this stuff!” “Come get some!”

  • ed feeney

    where can i get a hat that fits me?

  • Frank J

    Where’s Lips Manlis?

  • Xavier

    If anyone is looking for a QB for their flag football team, I’m available.

  • Adam

    I’m scared, will somebody please tell the bald guy to get his hand out of my lap?

  • Ronald

    Al Dukes is the man!!!!!

  • eddie mac

    You would be smiling too if you knew where this guy next to me hand is ……

  • JTMacc99

    Of all the bars in all the cities in the world, what were the chances that I’d sit down next to a guy named Al Hughes?

  • joe

    i just wet my pants!

  • Xavier

    I know we’re in a great steakhouse, but I’ll have the Garden Salad.

  • Mike

    I could use a spray tan!

  • Ezduzit

    “Who needs viagra, I’m harder than chinese arithmetic”

  • Nancy Malloy

    I made Boomer and Carton stars. They would be no where with out me!

  • Frankie

    This hat came with a free bowl of soup

  • Derek Mutz

    “How do you like me know ” Helloooooooooooooo

  • Denis

    What do you mean they don’t play dominoes in the Mets clubhouse anymore???

  • Mike Russo

    Guy in background – “Someone tell this idiot to move, he’s ruining the picture!”

  • eddie g

    Hey you’re a hot box of rocks! I use to be the backup third baseman for the Phillies but now I produce for the Stern show. BA BA BOOOOOIE!!!!!

  • Eddie

    Did I hear Craig is picking up the TAB !!!!!

  • Matty Petrero

    “I kinda liked those TSA Security pat-downs.”

    • Danny

      Great One!

  • Barney

    wait until they smell that!

  • Nick

    Does this hat make my forehead look fat?

  • Gibby Gibson

    Hey, do I have a piece of beef in my teeth?

  • Tommy

    “Hi, my name is Al….You know from the Boomer & Carton show?”

  • Thomas

    Hey baby, im the he brain and voice behind the “Boomer and Carton in the Morning.

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