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Conn. Woman Mistakenly Charged $2,600 For Pizza

BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut woman says her bank account was wiped out after a clerk mistakenly charged her $2,600 for a $30 pizza.

Katie Boucher said that the overcharge occurred last week at Amano’s Pizza in Bristol when a the clerk hit the wrong button and quickly voided the transaction to her debit card.

But Boucher said her bank told her it would take up to 10 days before the $2,600 was refunded.

Boucher said she went to the owner Von Manolitsis and had him sign some forms that helped the bank refund the money in just 4 days.

But Boucher said she racked up $230 in overdraft and late fees for due bills.

Boucher says Manolitsis offered to pay her back in pizza.

Manolitsis says he is now the only one who rings up credit cards.

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One Comment

  1. Steve Kingsley says:

    Similar thing happened to me at an EMS store. I still can’t understand why they can take my money in a fraction of a second but take their sweet sweet time refunding it when there is a mistake. There needs to be a law that says however fast you can take it is however fast you can give it back.

    1. Rick says:

      I totally agree. It’s a shame that the cards are stacked in favor of the financial institutions. It’s like forcing a customer to wait several working days before they grant you access to your money. Or charging you a fee for cashing a check drawn on that bank.

  2. Steve says:

    i hope it was a good pie

  3. otto says:

    Well, I certainly won’t be going to Amano’s Pizza the next time I visit Bristol.

    John is correct. $30 is too much to pay for a pizza pie. I pay about $18 and that is loaded with toppings.

    Another black eye for the town of Bristol CT.

  4. northoftheborder says:

    How AWFUL!!!! Sue the pizza parlor and bomb the bank!!!!

  5. John says:

    She was already being robbed ;A $30 pizza?

  6. Bill Dee says:

    It must have been the pepperoni. Anchovies are only $1,500.00

  7. Tom says:


    get rid of this bank ASAP

    Good luck!

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