Massive Thanksgiving Gathering At CBS 2 Reporter’s Family

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CBS 2HD's Mary Calvi helps out at her family's huge Thanksgiving get-together. (credit: CBS 2)

CBS 2HD’s Mary Calvi helps out at her family’s huge Thanksgiving get-together. (credit: CBS 2)

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NEW YORK (CBS 2) — If you thought planning Thanksgiving at your place was hectic, wait until you meet one family we know at CBS 2HD.

Imagine 30 pounds of potatoes, 75 pounds of turkey, and two dozen pies. CBS 2HD anchor Mary Calvi reports on it firsthand, since it’s her family.

In the oven are not one, not two, but three turkeys. “We’ve got approximately 75 pounds total,” said Leonard Spano. Calvi asked if it will be enough. The answer? “It usually is, although they’re a little bigger this year.”

In her family, over 75 will sit down for their quaint holiday meal, and that’s just the immediate family. It’s an annual tradition at Calvi’s  in-laws.

“We usually can’t all fit in pictures, since there are 16 of us plus my parents, that’s 18,” said Mike Spano.

All 16 children are at Thanksgiving dinner, plus spouses. Add in all of the grandkids. There are 40 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and four of the way.

And voila, their recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner, well, maybe almost perfect, as someone points out the family needs more chairs.

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the family gets started on Christmas.

Calvi said the presents aren’t just under the tree, they’re piled so high they reach the ceiling.

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