Push-In Robbery Stuns Affluent N.J. Community

Woman Attacked In Driveway After Returning From Shopping

ALPINE, N.J. (CBS 2) — Black Friday came to a violent end for a Bergen County woman.

A pair of robbers attacked her as she arrived home and left her tied up.

On Friday night they were both still at-large, but police said they have reason to believe that both suspects in the push-in robbery are now long gone, having fled in a car after terrorizing the woman in her upscale home.

There were flashing lights on one of the most affluent streets in Bergen County on Friday night.

Investigators and search dogs were at the home of a 47-year-old woman who returned from a long day of shopping and into the robbers’ trap — right in her own driveway.

“She returned home about 6 o’clock and was in process of unpacking her car. At one point she was confronted by an unknown individual who forced her back into her home. She was restrained there. The suspect took some personal property and then fled the home at that time,” Alpine Police Chief Jerry Beckmann told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

The robber wore a mask and gloves and police believe he had a partner in crime and a getaway car.

“She then was able to undo her restraints and dial 911,” Chief Beckmann said. “The victim was of course traumatized by this whole event. Her husband had just returned home from being out of the area on business.”

Police said it is not known why the woman was targeted or if she was followed home.

“That’s terrible. It makes me nervous, very nervous that they could happen now,” Park Ridge resident Breana Calabrese told Carlin.

Residents of Alpine and surrounding communities have been instructed to be on their guards and report anything that looks suspicious.

“That is scary. It happens all the time. You just have to look out and watch,” resident Sally DeVito said.

Chief Beckmann urged all residents to be extra vigilant during the holiday shopping season so you don’t end up a victim to senseless violence.


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  1. Anomynous says:

    There have been other robberies recently in alpine and tenafly, nj. No one has been caught, but my guess it is the same robbers.

  2. Paul G says:

    It is very sad that this makes the news. Not for the act, but because where it happened. One year ago my mother was attacked in a similar fashion, my local PD came and County PD as well but because we live in Garfield (Bergen County as well) there was no news coverage or hoopla over the incident. The man was caught and prosecuted due to my mothers heroics chasing him until she got a vehicle description. JUST WAIT, I BET OPRAH CHANGES HER PLANS TO MOVE TO ALPINE!

  3. stephanie says:

    Please believe that I am very sorry this woman had to go through such a horrible experience; however, it never ceases to amaze me how people think they can buy their way out of the ills of the world. This title says it all: Push-In Robbery Stuns Affluent N.J. Community. The implication is the same refrain one hears all the time in so-called good neighborhoods or small towns: I never thought anything like this could happen here. Wake up, people. IT can happen anywhere because IT exists, and if one thinks one can hide from IT with enough money or distance from IT, one will be sorely disappointed. Until we as a nation begin to realize that we are in this together, that we all sink or swim together, and that there is no us and them (just us), we will always have these problems. So, we continue to pennypinch on helping the poor, on helping the mentally ill, on helping disadvantaged children if we want. What we will end up with is the crime rates we have. We pay now or we pay later. We pay now to help people or we pay later in crime and prisons. Take your pick. But be sure of one thing; there is no place to hide and be safe.

  4. John Flowers says:

    Why do some people blame the rich for their precarious conditions? If people only know how to use their hands and their talents to be industrious, creative, and keep busy, they too will be rewarded.to become rich.

    At least, the perpetrator must be one that belonged to the race that dominates the neighborhood as no serious crimes, such as, rapes or deaths has occurred. It is without doubt a crime of opportunity. It is always a rule to look out before getting out your car or you will easily be accosted. Park only if the surroundings are lighted and there are no hiding places around.. It is also advisable to have a dog in the house because a bark of a dog scares anyone from ever attempting to window shop for a victim..

  5. alex says:

    I guess that’s one way to take care of one’s survival instincts. I’ve done it in a slightly different way though: learned English, got a college degree and, applied for job that requires me to work 10-12hr days.

    Roy, With all due respect, your comment is pathetic and signifies all that is wrong with our country today.

  6. Boris says:

    In my life I lived in places in the world, where poverty was no excuse for thefts, robberies and the like. Though I helped poor people there, they never asked me for anything, never stole a cent from me. However, in Africa, I have been victim of crime so many times, that I lost everything I had and it even plunged into debts. For health and health related financial reasons I had to return to my home continent, Europe, where I cannot even afford to rent a small room, because I have to support my family in Africa. Yet, I have seen people there living modestly, but building a school or clinic for their community, supporting even poorer people than themselves, honest and decent people, who are like the salt of the earth. The more ‘predators’ we have in our societies, the harder life will be there. And the more ‘angels’ we’ll have, the more peaceful life will be, regardless of economic strength of a country. It’s a matter of upbringing.

  7. Roy Durrant says:

    There is nothing wrong to be rich, but my question is, why is there so much misery for the poor in this country when there is so much wealth, and wastage of resources? Where I grew up, 90% of the folks most days could not find a meal. The situation is similar everywhere in this country. Most young people goes for days living only on some juices. Nevertheless, rich folks continue to exploit their workers by just paying a minimum wage, or less. Some of these robberies are linked to the survival instincts, miseries, and purplexity of the poor. And they are so many.

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