Police: Upper East Side Mugger Caught On Camera

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Police have a new clue Saturday in the string of serial robberies on the Upper East Side.

Authorities said a surveillance camera in the neighborhood captured an image of the suspect who they said stalked and cornered at least five women since Wednesday.

Police said he approaches the victims in building lobbies, claiming to have a knife, then demands cash and jewelry.

Police were also circulating a sketch of the suspect whose most recent attacks came on Thanksgiving Day.

“You wouldn’t think you’re going to get attacked during the day, but living in New York, I guess you have to keep your guard up at all times,” said Andrea Strong of the Upper East Side.

In three of the attacks the victim screamed and the mugger fled without taking anything.


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  1. The Bobster says:

    The Daily Snooze is still hiding the race of the perp.

  2. Jojo says:

    only way to find out this guy is black is if he is caught on camera. otherwise the media goes out of its way to NOT inform the public with an accurate description. the article I read in the daily news made it seem like a bald ‘Mr Clean’ was mugging women.

  3. elle says:

    CB Kennedy: not everyone on the Upper East side is rich. This guy is actually striking in areas that aren’t affluent – technically, Yorkville. If the women who were attacked were privileged enough to “share their meal” they wouldn’t be living in buildings without doormen, Someone on my block was attacked and no-one on my street is rich – far from it. So this is not a joke.

  4. LOL over this says:

    Yeah? When was the last time you heard Donald Trump getting robbed going into his apt building or the first lady getting raped when she was walking home from a hard day at work. Money will protect you, if you have enough of it. But if you’re living on the upper east or west side; sorry… you just don’t have enough money to protect you.. You are all lambs to the slaughter…that is, unless you walk around legally armed. Try watching a movie called Death Wish starring Charles Bronson. It should clarify things for you. Warning: this move has scenes that will offend and shock some viewers. Parental guidance is advised

    1. Megan says:

      You are disgusting. People are getting mugged in broad daylight and you respond with LOL? Don’t post on this if you can’t be considerate!!!

  5. deewin says:

    To CB Kennedy,
    Money does not keep people safe. Historically, people from all walks of life are killed or physically violated or robbed. Also, these predators are not just for other areas as you say. Fact, crime happens in every area and every walk of life which includes from the priest house to the White house.

  6. C B. Kennedy says:

    Send in the US ARMY! a mugger is attacking in the gold coast of NYC
    and is loose,lock your doors,keep your kids safe ,we pay and
    make big bucks here so that we don’t have this happening in the hood
    these predators are for other areas of the city.
    “I am shocked gambling is going on here” Where’s Ray Kelly?
    Ah guys! sometimes you just have to share your meal with others
    as the expression goes.

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