Family Gets Check To Help Pay For Child’s Surgery

BREWSTER, N.Y. (CBS 2) — It was all smiles at the Sullivan home in Brewster Saturday, after a heartless thief made off with money meant for a little boy’s surgery.

The family received a $7,000 check from the Vincent Crotty Memorial Foundation to replace money stolen last week at a fundraiser.

The money was raised for 9-year-old Aidan Sullivan. The young boy was born with a congenital disorder that left his face, skull and jaw under-developed.

He was scheduled for reconstructive surgery in March.


One Comment

  1. Rascal says:

    I hope the person who stole that money gets run over by a train and lives.

  2. skygrl67 says:

    So happy to hear the great news. Gpd bless the Sullivan family.

  3. edy says:

    This is good news during the holiday season…that’s what it’s all about.

    Words can’t explain my wishes for the perp.

  4. Abby says:

    I’m with the others. I hope nothing but BAD comes of this thief. Moving on to a better place. What a CUTE young boy. What a Godsend to have Vincent Crotty Memomrial Fun replace all the stolen money. Bless this little boy, his family and all the good left in this ugly world.

  5. William S says:

    I don’t need to say what I hope happens to whoever stole that money….. Please let us know when it happens, please!

  6. sawney bean says:

    That’s nice

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