Window Washers Recovering After Shock In N.Y.

LYNBROOK, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Two window washers were recovering Sunday after suffering an electric shock.

The accident happened at the Bank of America on Merrick Road in Lynbrook.

Witnesses said a gust of wind blew their washing pole into a power line. One of the victims was in cardiac arrest when emergency workers arrived, but paramedics were able to revive him.

Both men suffered second and third degree burns.

  • frank rizzo

    I find it just SHOCKING that no one knows if this is lawng giland or joisey!

  • BronxGirl

    The address under the photo is listed as 300 Merrick Road, which is a street in LI. I don’t know if such a street name exists in NJ. So……..which is it? – Long Island or New Jersey????

  • teetotaler

    What do you expect when people from out of state are hired to cover our area.

  • toni

    gotta be careful. find out if any power lines are near by. that should be done by the foreman

  • liz

    Lynbrook is in Long Island, New York NOT New Jersey.

    • bill dee

      For those of you who have never left NYS, there certainly is a :Lynbrook, New Jersey.

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