Simple Makeup, Apparel Changes Can Totally Revamp Your Look

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Tis the season … and holiday glitter is everywhere you look.

But the frenzy from all the festivities can have your look lacking some seasonal luster.

We have some easy, inexpensive tips that can add some sparkle to your look and spirit.

The holiday season is officially underway. But these can be a hectic days, leaving little time to deal with your own dazzle.

So to really shine this season, there are fast and easy fixes for wardrobe, hair and makeup that won’t break your holiday shopping budget.

“It’s all about having glowing skin and that’s the key to going from drab to fab,” Dex makeup studio founder Dexter Phillip told CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson.

And it’s a great foundation for fresh holiday makeup.

A defined brow and well-lined eyes will wake up a tired look. Then you only need a muted shadow here, and some foundation to even out the skin tone.

“For me, big this season is red lips,” Phillip said.

It’s a look that can really make the season, and the smile bright … finish with a bronzing powder for a just-in-from-the-cold glow.

“It’s not about covering up, it’s about illuminating. You want to bring out what’s naturally inside of you and you want to have that sparkle of light,” Phillip said.

Another hot holiday look is the “smokey eye.” Use a cream liner as a shadow for rich color, and don’t forget to blend.

To open up the eye, add some light reflecting shadow in the corners. All you need on the lips is a soft gloss.

“You’re changing your clothes, you’re changing your makeup, change your accessory, change your hair, too,” said David Cottenblanche, owner of the Red Market Salon.

If you’re pressed for time, a dry shampoo can liven up limp locks. Use your fingers to add some volume and curl.

“A part can change a style. That’s something that anyone can do,” Cottenblanche said.

It’s an easy fabulous fix. You can pull back the hair for a sleek pony tail, or pin it up for a messy bun.

“Given what the economy is right now, you really want to simply glamorize your wardrobe, really,” fashion designer Malan Breton said.

A few key pieces can make the season bright. Add some accessories for a timeless look.

A great updated evening outfit can come right out of your closet with sparkly sheath topped with a boyfriend jacket. Some cool boots can keep it right on trend.

A color block look is also a chic and easy day-to-night look. Or take basic like skinny jeans and simple top and adding a faux fur vest transforms the look from casual to contemporary.

“If you can find a piece that you are so infatuated with and so in love with and incorporate that into your wardrobe it’s going top change your mood and change everything about the holidays for you,” Breton said.

All of our experts agree that simple fixes during a hectic holiday can easily brighten your mood. It’s more about taking the time than spending any money.

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