S.I. Window Washer Survives ‘Shock Of His Life’

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/CBS 2) — Staten Island resident Nicholas Genovese says he is happy to be alive after nearly being electrocuted over the weekend.

“I just got the shock of my life,” Genovese said.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports

Genovese and Alan Weinberg, 64, of Long Beach, were preparing to wash the windows at a Bank of America branch on Merrick Road in Lynbrook using a telescoping 40-foot washing pole on Saturday.

Genovese was holding the pole at the top of a ladder while Weinberg stood on the ground holding the bottom of the pole, detectives said. At that time, a gust of wind blew the pole into a power line.

“The voltage went through me and everything went black for a second,” Genovese said. “The next thing I knew I just hit the ground.”

Police said that by the time officers arrived, Weinberg was in cardiac arrest. They performed CPR, and paramedics from the Lynbrook Fire Department continued treatment.

Weinberg was stabilized at South Nassau Communities Hospital and was then transfered to Nassau University Medical Center Burn Unit for treatment of second and third degree burns to his hands and feet. He was in critical condition.

Genovese suffered second and third degree burns on his hands and feet. He was in stable condition at Nassau University Medical Center.

“I thought I got struck by lightning,” Genovese said. “I thought I was dying but thank God I’m still here.”

Genovese said he will keep washing windows but never near power lines. His wife, Joanna, said he will not need skin grafts and will be released from the hospital on Tuesday.

  • A Believer

    Dear Harriet,

    Remember one thing about science and medicine: I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. It all comes from somewhere.

  • Nicole Genovese Melendez

    Uncle Nicky, we’re glad you’re OK
    Love, Madison and Matthew

  • Cousin It

    I wonder if he can light a bulb like Uncle Fester now !

  • Lou Cypher

    Caroline maybe an Angel is what caused the problem ?

    • Nick

      The wind was an Act of God. Let’s sue that malicious bastid, God.

  • StanZ

    That’s what happens when you come from Staten island. If you can handle the pollution from Jersey, electrocution is not as shocking. We’re just tuff. Fuhgettaboutit!

  • Tom U.

    watch the incident at … CRIME VIDEO . TV

  • Caroline Gise

    There are angels watching over us……Believe!!

    • harriet in ny

      really, man with pole hits electrical lines, gets shocked, electricity runs from his hands to to his feet, trained paramedics arrieve shortly thereafter and use CPR, man lives, sounds kinda like science and medicine worked the way it should have, angels no, EMT’s yes

  • Sharon K.

    I am happy to hear he is going to be okay. He is so lucky to be alive!!!

  • Excellent!

    Glad he is OK. So good to hear good news.

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