Booted From School, NJ 4-Year-Old Gets First Haircut

HOBOKEN, NJ (WCBS 880) – Jack Szablewski had over 12 inches of hair down his back.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney reports

The 4-year-old told WCBS 880 reporter Levon Putney that he got used to the long, blonde locks but the boy from Brick said goodbye to it on Monday. It was his first haircut.

“Twelve inches is going to be cut off and donated to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation,” said Szablewski’s mom Renee.

She says her son was kicked out of a private school last month because his hair was too long.

“There’s no other way to do this but to make lemonade out of lemons,” Renee Szablewski said.

Jack got his new surfer haircut for his new school at the Ferrazz Hair Salon in Hoboken.

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  • Rick East

    The private Christian School I sent my sons to passed a Board resolution exempting them from the hair policy after I wrote outling that they live by the Nazirene vow, exemplified by Jesus, and the purposes served by their uncut hair. There are strong reasons why many religious people, including the original followers of Jesus, have long hair. People would do well to try to understand the reasons before critising Jack or his parents from a position of no knowledge. In any event, its up to Jack and his parents as to what he does and hopefully someone will benefit from his decision to sacrifice his hair for charity.

  • Kat

    Aww, what a cute kid :) It’s sad to see such nice hair go, but that’s certainly a good cause for it to go to! I’m not sure why exactly the parents are being called names here for letting him have long hair. They don’t seem to actually hold a grudge against the school either, most likely because I’m sure they knew the rules as well. Now he’s getting a hair cut and starting a new life at a new good school (stay out of public schools, that’s where I went and it was so boring and catered to the… people not as intelligent as me?) so good for him. :)


    I guess Jesus had of attended this ‘Catholic’ school, he would have been forced to wear a buzz-cut, huh?

  • RichardS

    Cute little girl you have there..

    • Elvus

      Hee! Hee! Time to get a haircut, Boy!

    • Jim

      Don’t forget real men wear their hair as they please. Some of us consider short haired men and buzz cuts as feminine.

  • Martin

    So what level of fear does it take to force this degree of conformity on a 4 year old?

    The hair was a threat to whom? The established order was
    risking losing authority by this child’s hair length? Very Scary.

    • Pete

      “force this degree of conformity on a 4 year old” ??? What? Oh please! A 4-year-old’s life is filled with conformity. They are told what to wear, what to eat, when to wake up and when to sleep, and much, much more. What really is “Very Scary” is the systematic destruction of order in society and the resulting trouble it causes.

  • JMB

    His hair was for a good cause and to all you people talking bad about my family should be ashamed.. and who cares if he is going to grow up spoiled he will have alot more respect for others choices and decisions than you people do. If it bothers you that bad than mind your business and turn the channel when its on the news, ship the article in the paper and web. Rediculous! Im proud of him for what he is doing. <3

    • Avowed

      Depending on parental instruction or motivation, this experience will either confirm or strengthen your values.
      Hopefully you did not allow your family’s spiritual beliefs or principles to be damaged.
      Please realize that all who exalt their religious education are not of necessity teaching much other than the “traditions of man”.
      May your family seek the LORD while he may be found.
      \o/ hallelu-YAH \o/

  • sword swallower

    Looks like the olson twins from the full house days.

  • Deb

    It was a private school. They are entitled to make any statement, any rules and any dress codes they want. Don’t like it? leave. These parent are nuts.

    • denscul

      As a Catholic school graduate in 1960, times have changed, but the rules of a private school have not. We wore suits and tiies, and if the Brothers told us to get a hair cut, we did. I can see where this hurt us, Conversly, I see the products of public school. Can anyone see the difference? Rights are not t he sole domain of some, they belong to those who choose to send their schools that have disipline which does not cost the taxpayer one cent,

  • Ridiculous Comments

    Schools have dress codes, and those must be followed to make sure that kids are not distracted with nonsense when they should be learning.

    How is this government control? It’s a private school!

  • Nate

    i wish parents would stop using their children as dolls to promote their own extreme fashion statements. Young children need to feel normal, there will be plenty of opportunity for him to rebel and grow his hair when he’s in his teens.

    • Avowed

      Do not Catholic schools teach from the scriptures?
      What if religiously instructed or motivated parents refused to allow their Childs hair to be cut?
      Do you not recall the story of Samson in the scriptures? What of the story recounting Hanah’s vow to the LORD? Should her son, Samuel, have been booted from the temple?
      Or, is this just another story of cultural relevancy?
      Don’t you find it interesting that nothing is said as to the parents motivation?
      Hopefully, the parents are remaining true to their principles and teaching their child likewise.

  • BobM

    It is not the business of schools to police hair length. Had it been my kid I would have surrounded the school officials with lawyers and broken them like the dry sticks they are. I wonder when –or if– we will finally get enough of strangers presuming to micro manage our lives. Some of the posters (above) are as sans clue as the school. There is a reason why the average IQ (100) is just slightly above room temperature.

    • Therese Z

      It is totally the school’s business to ask their students to conform as the school chooses. Don’t send your children to a private school if you think you will be suing anyway.

      I spent 12 years in Catholic schools and I learned not only huge amounts academically, but how to conform AND how to stand out, at the appropriate times. In other words, how to be a good and fruitful member of society.

    • JMP

      BobM, I am left wondering what the temperature of your room is judging by your rant. Do you not understand that “private” schools have dress codes, behavior codes, etc … ? “Dry sticks” ???? Step away from the World of War Craft game bud.

    • Christopher Allen

      It’s the price you pay for the privilege of going to a private school. They ARE better, and I make my son cut his hair, even though I had long hair when I went to a public school.
      They can make you do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t conflict with the law.

    • denscul

      BobM Why do you denigrat, or for that matter endorse a view when you have no access to the IQ’s of Catholic School graduates and teachers., For the record, my is 135, my grandson who will attend my high school has an IQ of 154. Its only my opinion, that when parents speed money getting their children from juvenile crimes, they are setting an example that ethics is not as important as having a good lawyer. Better spend a gifted child to a good school and teach some disipline.

  • 1madman4sure

    the more personal liberty is taken away by self-appointed all-knowing “experts”, the closer we are to becoming sheep being led to slaughter. bit by bit, control is exerted by a government gone mad (vide nazi germany and the soviet union), until life is reduced to following each and every order given without hesitation and with diligence. perhaps you will realize this when then state says that your child, because of severe acne, has to be put down, like a sick dog, because he or she “disturbs” other children with whom contact is made, and the distaste he or she causes.

    • Christopher Allen

      Actually, government control in this case would be if they forced the school to accept the student regardless of their rules for the sake of personal expression or fairness.
      It’s like a business, if you don’t like the product you can always go somewhere else, ie public school.

    • Sean

      Knuclehead – can’t you read? He was kicked out of a private school.

      • Sean

        sorry, “Knucklehead”

  • Winston Smith

    We don’t care if a child knows how to use logic and reason, just whether he conforms to the social norm.

  • Lenny

    Kinda like “Whose life is it anyway” whose hair is it anyway ?

  • Jimmy

    Shame on the parents for letting his hair grow so long like this. Poor child.

    • BobM

      Jimmy, are you really that stupid?

  • Ethan Kavet

    The kid id going to grow up a spoiled brat…Oh look at me i need attention..Wah wah Wah

  • flash gordon

    This is what happened to kids when you have dumb parents!!!

  • Daniel P

    It’s ridiculous, and an outrage, that the acceptable length of one’s hair is dependent on what is inside a child’s pants. OUTRAGEOUS !

  • The Good Samaritan

    He should have had to cut his hair even in public school

    The Good samaritan is outraged

    • John Crumb


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