Says He May Get Into Teaching In His Life After Politics

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Anchor Steve Scott of WCBS 880 spoke with New York Gov. David Paterson Tuesday on a range of topics. Among the issues he discussed in the interview were the state Legislature’s decision not to act on reducing the deficit, his regrets as governor and whether he will run for elected office in the future.

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Paterson on Legislature not acting on the budget deficit:

“I never have high expectations, but I certainly thought that with an election that was just held — with the possible change in leadership in the Senate…and with a new governor pledging that he is going to hold the line on spending, that this would have been a foresighted response.”

Possible tolls on the Sprain Brook Parkway?

“Well it’s certainly possible because we’re going to have to have more resources to accommodate the spending as we go by.”

Were the odds stacked against you from the beginning?

“Well they were, but not many people who are in public service get to the executive position that I was in. And I am very, very grateful to the people of the state of New York for helping me through this crisis.”

Anything you would have wanted to do differently?

“Sometimes I kid and tell people I wish I would have appointed myself to the U.S. Senate.”

Any Regrets?

“One regret that I do have…I think I fell into the trap of living crisis to crisis. Every time I solved a problem, there seemed to be a new problem to solve.”

Did Caroline Kennedy controversy hurt you as governor?

“I think it did very much so.”

What does the future hold for David Paterson?

“I am thinking about teaching…I would have some interest in journalism.”

Will you ever run for public office again?

“It’s certainly not on my mind now. It takes a terrible toll. It takes a terrible toll on your family. You never get to tell your side of the story.”

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