Cops Still Searching For Second L.I. Truck Drag Racer

Elderly Man Dead, Wife In Bad Shape After Wreck On Jericho

SYOSSET, N.Y. (CBS 2) — An elderly man is dead, and his wife is fighting for her life — both of them victims of a head-on collision that police said was caused by drag racers.

From the looks of the mangled Mercedes, it’s hard to believe either of the occupants survived Monday’s crash.  Only one did — the driver: 84-year-old Lucille Jacobs. CBS 2’s John Slattery spoke to a woman who works for the family’s accounting firm.

“Everything’s broken. Neck’s broken. Legs broken,” the woman said.

The husband, 86-year-old Myron Jacobs, was killed in the crash. Police told Slattery the incident happened on Jericho Turnpike, when a dump truck, operated by a landscaping company, crossed the center line, went out of control and plowed into the Jacobs’ car head-on.

Investigators said the driver of the truck, 32-year-old Everado Nieto of the Bronx, was drunk. A bottle of vodka was in the truck. Two of his family members attended his arraignment.

Police said the landscaper and the driver of another landscaping truck were both at a stop light.  When the signal changed, they both floored it.

“When the light turned green, a witness says, both trucks took off at an accelerated rate of speed.  He described it as drag-racing,” Nassau County Police Detective Lt. Kevin Smith said.

Nieto was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide, manslaughter, reckless driving and driving under the influence. The driver of the other truck did not stop.

The collision points up the inherent danger in drag-racing, made even worse if the vehicle that goes out of control, is a truck.

The suspect’s driver’s license was suspended last year for 90 days after he was caught driving under the influence in Queens. On Tuesday he was being held on $500,000 bond.

Police said they still looking for the driver of the other truck.


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  1. RACHEL says:


  2. mjt says:

    people really need to look up the term “drag racing” and become educated…… bar fights are not labeled as “boxing” and reckless driving should not be considered drag racing.

  3. Suzanne Laurier says:

    I could not agree more. I happen to know both Mr & Mrs Jacobs. They were simply the nicest people you ever had an opportunity to meet and know.

    My deepest condolences to their daughter Amy and family.

  4. Sally Rogers says:

    Why why why do they allow drunk drivers the luxury of getting back their licenses?? He never should have gotten his license back after the first offense. I think there should be a one strike youre out law.

  5. John Q says:

    Just another illegal doing the crimes that Americans don’t want to do.
    I’m sure Newsday and all the MSM will never report that he was an illegal- this post will most likely be censored as well.

  6. DanTe says:

    So when can we finally Execute these murderous drunkards? Oh wait, the politicians are all lying drunks. They won’t ever pass such a law.

    And apparently, CBS are also drunken liars. They keep censoring this post.

    1. Derick Eatualive Chan says:

      dude that would be kind of extreme
      WE, as citizens cannot fully control america. we only elect the people who control america

  7. Angry Driver says:

    Let him rot in prison….. More often than not, these dump truck drivers are owner/operators that dont have to face driving scrutiny from a company. They intimidate other drivers on the road because of their “i’m bigger than you” mentality.

    Next time you’re on the road next to one of these, look how many use the “over size” lugnuts on the front wheels… some even with spikes to obviously intimidate and / or cause damage to any car it encounters. Grow Up Already

    1. Fed up with drunk drivers says:

      Yes, He should go to jail for life. It probably won’t go down that way, but it should. The Nassau County DA has said she won’t tolerate drunk driving. Let’s make her put her mark on this case. I knew these people. They are lovely, warm wonderful and kind. Neither deserved this kind of disaster. How dare he!!!!!!

  8. Jimmy says:

    People on Long Island are really frikken dumb. How many times a year do you hear of drunk drivers killing people there? Whatever happened to taking cabs and/or public transportation.

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