NY Teens Disciplined For Posting Brawl On YouTube

DIX HILLS, N.Y. (AP / WCBS 880) — Five Long Island high school students have been suspended for posting an after-school brawl on YouTube.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports

Half Hollow Hills High School East said the five were suspended for one day on Thursday. The two students involved in the fight got five-day suspensions.

The brawl was captured on a cell phone camera and posted on YouTube on Monday. It shows two students throwing punches.

School spokeswoman Chris Geed said “sensationalizing violence like this is inappropriate and students need to understand that.”

School officials identified the students from surveillance cameras. They say all students sign a code of conduct requiring them to report inappropriate conduct.

YouTube removed the video on Thursday.

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  • Rormharma

    Just popping in to say nice site.

  • Blond Babe

    I wonder how many camera people this You Tube company has. They are like everywhere filming videos.

  • otto

    Not enough info. They don’t say what caused the fight or who won.

    “America loves a winner, and will not tolerate a loser”, George S. Patton

  • The Good Samaritan

    This kind of violence cannot be condoned.

    Will the students be cahrged for filing a fight without having a promoters license?

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

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