Autopsy Report Released On Slain NY College Student

NEW YORK (AP) — An autopsy report shows that a New York college student shot and killed in his car by police was fatally struck by two bullets, one which passed through his heart and lungs.

An attorney for Danroy Henry’s family released the autopsy report Friday, along with toxicology results.

The toxicology report echoed what had been previously leaked to the news: That the 20-year-old Pace University from Easton, Mass. student’s blood alcohol level was 0.13, well above the legal driving limit of 0.08.

Attorney Michael Sussman said he disputed the results showing elevated blood alcohol levels.

A spokesman for the Westchester County district attorney’s office didn’t immediately respond to a phone message requesting comment Saturday night.

Henry was killed Oct. 17 outside a bar in the New York City suburb of Thornwood.

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  1. Lawrence Medas says:

    what happen rascal a black guy f you moms

  2. rascal says:

    Why is it only blacks complain about the police shooting them? I don’t see Asians and Jews getting shot all the time.Is it because blacks commit so many violent crimes and carry guns. Why are blacks hated throughout the world? Why, when they move into a nice area,they f it up? Why, in Africa, do they have 10 kids when they can’t even afford to feed one. Why do asshols like Angelina Jolie got to Africa to adopt when the Bronz zoo has them up for adoption???

  3. Rascal says:

    Hey Ralph Lauren ,you ignorant ass, it wasn’t the NYPD. This happened in Westchester. Before you open your stupid hole, you should get your facts straight.

  4. Bluebeard says:

    Trigger happy shoot-first-ask-later attitudes. Guy looks at a cop wrong, he’ll get a bullet in his head and a cover up miles wide. Even getting stopped by a traffic cop is scary nowadays. One wrong move that could be misconstrued by the cops and they punch you full of holes.

    1. DanTe says:

      Geee….. I don’t know. Some stupid monkey drives its car at me. Yep. I guess I can “misconstrue” it as a “wrong” move. Yep. Stupid monkeys.

  5. Bklynmaxred says:

    Tougher laws against drunk drivers, right, I guess that translates to KILL DRUNK DRIVERS RIGHT! So what happened in the case of the drunk that ran over that college girl on her way home. Why isn’t he dead?!? What’s wrong with this picture?!?

    1. DanTe says:

      Because you libturds banned her from carrying a gun in self defense? Otherwise that drunkard would have been filled with lead.

  6. new york says:

    On Saturday night all America is drunk what does that mean?

  7. Juice says:

    “Should send the lot of them to Colombia so they could get a bit of their own medicine, what comes around goes around boys in Blue!”

    And that attitude is exactly why this piece of garbage is dead. Keep wondering why the cops wont help certain “hoods” all the while you don’t listen to the police.

  8. The BIG D says:

    Thank you NYPD for getting rid of this thug BEFORE he committed a crime. Well done. Rot in hell Danroy.

  9. Ralph Lauren says:

    WHY was he shot and killed by New York’s ‘finest’ anyway? Just because he had been drinking, that doesn’t give the pigs a right to shoot and kill him?!!!!!!!!!!!! Thugs, that’s what they are, and always will be. Should send the lot of them to Colombia so they could get a bit of their own medicine, what comes around goes around boys in Blue!

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