NYC Cracks Down On Parking Scofflaws

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/AP) – New York City is making new efforts to go after hundreds of thousands of parking ticket scofflaws.

Collectively, ticket deadbeats owe the city $700 million in unpaid fines.

Bill Cassell understands the city’s need for the money, but he told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck that the way the city gives out parking tickets needs to be changed.

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“I guess if you’re committing a violation, you should pay your violation, but in regards to the way that it’s done by the meter people specifically. They just attack. There’s no justice, no five minute grace period, no one minute grace period. It’s just rude,” he said.

Officials previously used to wait until someone ran up $800 in fines before they referred it to a collection agency. Now, even small amounts are being sent to collection bureaus.

Casssell said now is not the time to step up their efforts.

“The economy is rough so maybe they should be a little considerate, especially during the holidays,” he said.

The city is also suspending the registrations of car owners who rack up five or more unpaid violations in 12 months and will also seize cars, if necessary.

Alan Hirschman of the Upper East Side supports the city’s efforts.

“I think you should follow the law, pay the tickets, your conscience will be clear. It’ll be one less thing to worry about. I have to go along with the city. If you break the law, you should pay,” Hirschman said.

Hirschman said he knows everyday New Yorkers probably disagree with him, but that’s not what matters.

“People get so cocky they can get away with that. If it’s money due to the city because you didn’t follow the law, it’s not fair to anybody else,” he said.

City Finance Commissioner David Frankel told The New York Times this is the most aggressive the city has ever been about collecting.

He said that with the city’s financed strained; it needs to find every dollar it can.

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One Comment

  1. Fred says:

    City in decline.

  2. Soap says:

    Ahhh… Welcome to Communism.

  3. lewis says:

    i had a blank ticket left on my car thats the way they give ticket now thinking of what to write

  4. ezflyer13 says:

    Once again, the city goes after the normal people that live and work there but if they go after all of these countries that owe them money for the same violations, you would be surprised at how much money is owed and could make a difference to the budget. That will not happen though, they turn a blind eye to that and instead go after the regular Joe…

  5. Larry Schwarz says:

    Dont park illegally and you wont get a ticket.If you accidentally let the meter expire then pay the fine,it was afterall your mistake.If you were legally parked but ticketed anyway by a dumb parking enforcement agent then go to court and contest it..You always have that right.

  6. Gregg says:

    I feel bad for drivers making deliveries in the city and getting a ticket ! Why not fine emploters hiring illegal workers ! Could raise a fortune ! Oh ,I forget this is a sanctuary city -right ? Can’t ask if someone is illegal !

  7. CW Orange says:

    A small dose of reality…If New York quit spending like a drunken sailor it would not be in trouble. For my money, let them go bankrupt, and quickly. Hopefully this will get the politicians that voted for the spending hung publicly. I cannot wait to see the day of reckoning in NY, California when they cannot continue…

  8. Sane Person says:

    A grace period, for violations? Five minutes for blocking my car, with your double parked one? The traffic agents should run around jotting down times, so they know when to write the summonses? And if they’re challenged–“Your watch is too fast, I have 20 seconds left”. They walk down a street, observe a violation, and write it up. If it’s incorrect, it gets thrown out. They don’t “attack”.

    1. peevedoff says:

      @ Sane…. They dont “attack”, are you insane??? These metor agents have absolutely no concience whatsoeve. How about this…… I was a private driver for someone in NYC and when he tells me to pull up to his residence on the upper east side to pick him up, a parking agent immediately starts to write a ticket while he is walking to the car???? Is that justified? You can’t even fight that in court! These agents need to take a course in decency. they don’t even give you 2 minutes to allow your fare to get into your vehicle. That is a $110 ticket there, I hardly made that much for the day! In the end, I think you should keep quiet because you haven’t got hit with that nonsense ticket.

  9. otto says:

    Due to financial constraints, it seems like every city & town in the country is on a constant “ticket blitz” to make up for budget deficits. Tickets being given out for going 5mph over the speed limit … pretty much for any minor infraction.

    This is a true shame and an embarrassment … trying to siphon every last dollar from hard working American citizens who are just trying to keep their heads above water these days.

    True … laws must be enforced. No doubt. But what has been happening lately with motor vehicle infractions is just over the top.

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