Police: Indication Of Drug Transaction In L.I. Crash

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/WCBS 880) — Police on Long Island revealed more details about a Saturday morning crash that killed two people.

Just before 8:30 a.m., a car heading south on Straight Path, was pursued by police after running a stop sign in Wyandanch.  At a news conference Saturday evening, police said the driver was able to evade police for about 2 miles before losing control of the 2003 Toyota Camry and crashing.

The car flipped and burned near 11th Street — killing the driver and passenger. Kathleen Maloney of 1010 WINS reported the car hit a tree, mini-van and shed next to Michelle Wynn’s property.

1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney reports

“It hit the big tree right there and then the car flipped,” the woman said describing the scene to Maloney, “and then it land over my van.”

The men who died have been identified as 36-year-old Rocco Coscia, of Massapequa, and 42-year-old Michael Griffin, of Wyandanch. Coscia was the driver, police said.

Both men had extensive criminal histories, according to authorities.

Police also said narcotics were involved and that Coscia threw cocaine out of the window, WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reported.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports

“There’s an indication that it was actually a drug transaction involved,” Suffolk County Police Lt. Robert Edwards said,  “they deposited drugs outside the window of the car.”

The crash could have been much worse because of the high volume of traffic on the usually busy stretch of road.

There were no injuries to any of the police officers.

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One Comment

  1. jennifer aqel says:

    no one know us. but rocco and his wife came to see us wen they joined some church a while back. they were so excited to be clean and doing things the right way. we were so happy for them. bright faces and talking over and over about how much they loved those kids. if there is one thing i know for sure they really loved the 4 kids at home. but they were taken over by something stronger then themselves or even god. and now he is gone. if i could get one message to his kids it would be to take all the good about ur dad and be just like him. leave the bad. dont do what he did. stay away from drugs. he would be so proud if u could do what he was fighting all his life to do, he loved you all. really really loved u.

  2. Jay Ruggiere says:

    Joe Coscia, Joe, I tried to reply to one of your Messages but not sure if it went Thru. So very Sorry to hear about your Father. He was a Good Friend and I’m sure a better Father than anyone on here who is speaking negative about someone they didn’t know. Don’t listen to any of them. May your Father Rest in Peace. I’m so very sorry to hear this. Your Father was Kind Hearted, Funny and just a pleasure to be around. Think of the good times and Take Care of your Brother and Sister’s and the rest of the Family. My Heart goes out to all of you. MAY ROCCO COSCIA REST IN FOREVER PEACE

  3. James says:

    As a friend of Joe i am deeply saddened to hear that people are happy about this. Rocco was a great man and touched the lives of many people including his 4 young children. Whether drugs were involved or not it does not make him a bad person, people make mistakes. If you really knew him you would know that he was a great man and raised even better children. Rest in peace Rocco for you will be missed.

  4. mike reilly says:

    you guys who posted rude comments disgust me.. rocco was a very caring and loving person.. joe is one of my best friends and his life is already hard enough as it is.. if you are happy that people are killed you should not be living yourself. im sorry to say that but that couldve been anyone, if that was your family member you woulde been upset and im sure of it and if you should be disgusted with yourselves.. joe i love you and stay strong bro i love you man

  5. martha says:

    whats not mentioned is this accident killed my coworker as well as left his brother and sister in critical condition and they had nothing to do with neither person in that car. its terrible that peopled want to deal with drugs and then try and get away without thinling of others. now mr. barclay is gone and who will comfort his family, rip mr barclay

  6. Joe Coscia says:

    Thank you for all your poitive comments and support. This is Joe Coscia, Roccos son, he was a good man. All of you people who left negative comments, you dont know my father. Even though my father made mistakes, he was one of the most kind hearted person i know, he had a heart of gold. All of you people are judging him beacuse of what you heard, the news lies. Some of the story is true but mostly false. Please dont leave any negative comments you. People who left the negative comments have no hearts, have some respect. How would you feel if one of your family members passed away and people were happy that they died. I am 15 years old, I have one younger brother and two younger sisters, ages 8, 11 and 13. My 11 year old brother read the negative comments and had a asmtha attack because of what he saw from these sick comments. I really dont appericate the comments.

    I love you dad rest in peace we all love you and forgive you. xoxo

    1. A Concerned Parent says:

      So sorry Joe, your dad was a good man who loved you all very very much. As parents, we may not be perfect, but we do our best and your dad did his best too! Don’t ever forget that! He would of done anything for all of you. Don’t let these peoples venom poison your younger siblings memories of your dad, As the oldest, its up to you to protect your brother and sisters memories of your father. With every bad story they may hear, remind them of 3 good times… People are so fast to judge, esp when they dont know the person, jumping on the band wagon just to have a two bit comment…
      To everyone else- have some compassion! 4 children lost their father and a mother lost her son. Before you say anything else, take a good long look in the mirror of your own lives and ask once- have you not made a mistake ever? He who HAS NOT SINNED may only cast the stone…..
      Sorry Joe, my families deepest condolences to you and yours.

  7. Eileen Curley says:

    Eileen Curley
    Hii Mike Whelan – how comforting are your words as a tribuate to Rocco Coscia who was one of the greatest human beings Ive ever met!!! His 4 children are a reflection of what a wonderful person he was!!!! Please email me at Eileenc777@aol.com as I would like to get your contact information to get you in touch with the Coscia family!!! You would be such a blessing to them as you can imagine the hurt and pain they are feeling!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mike, I’m sorry for your loss but I can’t help but to say your friend played with fire, and he got burned. I have to say that Jason and Joe are 100% right- at that time of morning, even though it was a Saturday-parents are out with their little kids going for walks or people are out jogging. Myself, I was on my way to work. I missed that accident by MINUTES. God forbid, during your friends get away, he swerved and hit my car. Then my husband and daughter would be left without a mother and they would never meet their unborn child/sister/brother. An innocent life would have been taken because your friend couldn’t man up to what he just did. A drug deal gone bad. Your friend felt he was doing the right thing by going fleeing the cops. Doing 100 mph down a busy residential street. Clearly, your friend wasn’t a man. A real man would have stopped and man’d up for what he just done. But instead he decided to put the life of someone else and everyone else around him in jeopardy. Imagine you were the passenger in that car? While your friends mom just lost her son, someone elses mom just lost her son too because of the stupidity of your friend. You should be thankful he only took their lives and nobody elses. This could have potentially been bad.
    I’ve gone through tragic loss and of course it’s not easy, but in retrospect, my tragic loss wasn’t deserved. I can’t think of any other word than that for this accident.
    So yes, again, while we don’t know what kind of person your friend was, we only know what we read and your friend was a drug user who had no regard for people around him. While I am sorry for your loss, I can’t help but think this is justified.

    1. Joe Coscia says:

      rocco was a great man who just made some mistakes and he was a man you dont know anything about him

  9. otto says:

    Mike & Jason each make excellent points with regards to stories such as this.

    Both young men who lost their lives may well have been good people who just got into a mess of trouble & made a foolish & fatal mistake. Their mistake cannot be excused or ignored, but they did pay the ultimate price for it.

    Regardless, prayers to their families & friends … prayers for both their spirits that they make a safe & peaceful journey to the next existence.

  10. Jason Sharke says:

    @Mike Whelan….why the heck shouldn’t we point out the stupidity of their actions. Idiots like this kill innocent people through their stupid actions every day. It’s about time we started showing zero tolerance for idiots on the road. Yeah, wait for the investigation. Well, we know this much already. He sped off from police, drove like a bat out of hell and got them both killed. At that time of morning, mothers are driving their kids to school. Babies are out in strollers. If you drive like that on a public road then nobody’s going to have much sympathy for you when it all goes wrong.

    1. Mike Whelan says:

      Jason, I realized after I wrote my comment that I put you in the seemingly untenable position of being unable to defend you argument based on my assertion that, basically, “how dare you disrespect the family at a time like this.” It’s an unfair and faulty premise that I put up. My emotions got the better of me. That you actually did not shut up, was at first maddening to me. However, I’m in shock and again, just numb about this event. All the same, I don’t know you. I don’t know if you’re a parent, how old you are, life experiences, etc. Likewise, I don’t know what experiences you’ve had in your life that make your reaction to this incident more intense. In sum, I have no problem with your logic on this. As far as me, though, I must be a complete lunatic for writing at 3 o’clock in the morning. I should be sleeping, but I can’t. I haven’t had much grief or loss in my life and at 40 years old, I’m actually pretty fortunate. What really bothers me now is not you-far from it-but rather that the whole world has to know of Rocco from his last day on Earth. That is a shame. And, it is also unfair. I knew him when I was little and he was littler. I’m just 4 years older than he. He lived up the block. My family and his were very friendly. I was never great friends with him, but I always knew him to be a really good kid. When I went to High School I lost touch with nearly all my neighborhood friends. But, I always knew him to be a really sweet kid. The last memory I had of him was whenever Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for Nintendo came out. I beat Mike Tyson in the game for the first time at his house. I remember he just looked at me like I was a God and was rooting for me the whole way. He thought it was like the greatest thing. No jealousy, no “dammit, I wish I had done it first.” Not extraordinary for kids to be proud of someone else’s accomplishments, but not exactly the norm either. He was a really sweet kid. It’s just a shame that he has to be remembered for what happened yesterday. We all make mistakes, some costly. But, we all have redeeming qualities. Rocco did too; it’s just a shame the world out there doesn’t know that about him. Take care Jason and be well,
      Mike Whelan

  11. Mike Whelan says:

    Hi Joseph Cotton, Hi Jason Sharke…..I knew Rocco Coscia……I’d like to thank yo both for making me extremely angry. It takes a lot to do that. First of all, you don’t know all the details of the story and I don’t either. Rocco’s mother, who danced at my wedding, is probably feeling the lowest she has in all her life. It’s a sad event for all who knew him. Your comments are pretty heartless. If I were to just press ‘submit’ now, I bet I can guess your comment to the foregoing….something like he put others in danger with his actions. Yeah, maybe so. Still, wait for the investigation to conclude. Here’s the bigger point: a mother lost her son today. Show some respect.

    1. eileen curley says:

      Hi Mike – dont know if my prior commnet came through – but Rocco was a great friend of mine!!! Can you email me at Eileenc777@aol.com with your contact information as I want to get the family in touch with you!!! .

  12. joseph cotton says:

    good thing it killed them ,next.

    1. Joe Coscia says:

      very nice bet you didnt know he left behind 4 kids

    2. a kid says:

      are you joking? how would you feel if that was you…excuse my language, but your an ignorant asswhole…btw im sorry joe and family

  13. Jason Sharke says:

    What a moron. There really are some unadulterated idiots on the roads.

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