Airline: Dog On Plane Forces Emergency Landing

PITTSBURGH (AP/CBS 2) — A US Airways flight headed to Phoenix made an emergency landing in Pittsburgh after a dog on board bit a passenger and a flight attendant.

US Airways spokesman Todd Lehmacher says the flight left Newark, N.J., on Monday morning. Lehmacher says a passenger carrying a dog let the animal out of its carrier and it bit the two.

The severity of the bites was not known. Lehmacher says the pilot decided to land in Pittsburgh to make sure everyone was OK.

Lehmacher says the airline hoped to get the passengers to Phoenix as soon as possible.

Lehmacher says US Airways allows passengers to carry certain pets if they are secured in approved carriers and kept under their seats.

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One Comment

  1. nj says:

    another stupid dog owner

  2. DanTe says:

    That is an over grown rat. NOT a dog. I bet the owner is a dumb bimbo. Only bimbo’s love these big rats.

  3. Peter says:

    Barbara, Which of the previous posters are you referring to?

  4. Robert says:

    I can imagine the movie trailer already. “Paws On A Plane”

  5. Sargent Mom says:

    Lemme guess – a small dog owner? Hmnnnnn?
    Big dogs rule!

  6. Morton says:

    It’s stunts like this that cause emergency landings and drive up the price of airline tickets.

  7. jpohara says:

    Why is the dog in the cabin, anyway? People have allergies. Imagine sitting near an animal you are severely allergic to. What then? Get sick (or very sick) so somebody can have Fido near him/her? Not a good policy to my way of thinking.

  8. Robert says:

    Can you imagine what could have happened if that dog had managed to squeeze its way into the flight deck? “No, fluffy!! You let go of the control stick this very moment! Fluff!! Bad dog … bad … dog … fluff!!”

  9. Michael says:

    Just one more example of stupid dog-owners who think their pets have more rights than people. Nothing like a dog in a carrier yipping and yapping near your seat throughout a long flight.

    1. Bill says:

      Well, there’s the idiot in the story, who I agree is a stupid dog-owner, but now you’re saying all dog-owners who bring their dogs with them on trips are “stupid.” This point of view is, well, stupid.

    2. ResponsibleDogTraveler says:

      You clearly have never flown on a plane with an animal… now this person was out of line but most of us have quiet controlled pets who do nothing but sleep the duration of time in the plane and they REMAIN IN THEIR CARRIER… which is what pet-owners are supposed to do!

      Don’t generalize or I will be forced to generalize about you… that you do nothing but assume…and we all know the saying that goes with assuming!

  10. satana says:

    The more I know human beings – the more I love dogs!!!

    Humans suck!!!

  11. satana says:

    Just demand that the dog be put back in the carrier, THAT’S IT!!

    Why an emergency landing because of this minor thing?

    Oh, I know why! The spoiled, special, sensitive,whiners, untoucheable proud Americans!!!

    1. Sandra says:

      sANTAN you must not fly a lot, I was on the flight and the request was made by the flight crew, but the stupid passenger took that dumb animal out as soon as they crew walked away. I hope the passenger gets sued.

    2. Michelle says:

      Because two people got bit! This person has ruined it for all dog owners who travel with their pets. Dogs are required to stay in their crates throughout the flight. No exceptions.

    3. Amanda Gynther says:

      And where are you from Satana? My first guess for some inexplicable reason would be that you are from FInland. Please correct me if i am wrong? Awfully close your name is to Saatana. Which might be what you were aiming for? The other reason my guess is that you are finnish is because your english is rather good and your word choice sounds finnish to me or a tleast some sort of likely scandinavian.

      Well, whatever you are, is irrelevant. I am american. I actually agree with you. Too much nonsense over nothing.

      Not all americans are insane, tea party happy, republican, anti abortion, evolution denying, morons, that are spoiled whiners.

      If you like, I can translate this for you if you are Finnish. Imagine that, an american that probably speaks your language (unless you speak spanish or mandarin, russian or hindi) as well as you do. One that agrees with you too.

      There was no reason for the dog to be out of the carrier. As a dog owner, that travels frequently all over the world, I need to be able to travel with my pets. I am annoyed at this moron who let his/her dog out because they could cause airlines to change their policy making it very difficult for me to travel with my dogs. That could destroy my family/pack.

  12. Kat says:

    The dog did nothing wrong. the owner is the one who should be fined, I sure hope that they dont punish the animal by putting him down, he was probly freaked out from the stress of being on an airplane to begin with, STUPID OWNER.-“you are responsible for that which you tame”

    Stuipid people shouln’t be allowed to have children or animals!

    1. Amanda Gynther says:

      Amen! Stupid people should be fined and restricted due to their own stupidity.

  13. satana says:

    Human beings – the special, sensitive ones!!!

    Big deal, bunch of jerks!!!

  14. Quintin Quackenbush says:

    One of the reasons that the loving little creatures are to stay in their kennels. Wimpy owners feel obligates to take them out. Hope the bitten sue the owner.

  15. otto says:

    I have to assume the TSA will be filing charges against the dog. They also need to start making dogs subject to the pat down search.

    Unless we start taking these steps, Al-Qaeda will be training these dogs to escape from their carriers and ultimately take over an airliner. If dogs can play poker, then they can sure fly an airplane into a building.

    1. Sheena says:

      LOL Thank you for that!

  16. David Flores says:

    woof woof, bite, yelp!!!!

  17. David Flores says:

    stupid dogs. all dogs have teeth and all dogs bite. thats why i have fish

    1. Fish Boy says:

      Fish bite too, I have a piranha and was bitten once

  18. Barbara says:

    Unbelievable – what a complete jerk!!!

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