Mayor: Fed, State Leaders Lag On Creating Jobs

NEW YORK (AP / 1010 WINS / WCBS 880/ CBS 2) — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg lashed out at the White House, Congress and state leaders on Wednesday for what he called failed attempts to create jobs, accusing both parties of being too distracted by partisan politics to address unemployment.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports

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The billionaire mayor, who is occasionally mentioned as a long-shot presidential candidate, delivered a campaign-style speech in Brooklyn during which he spent half his time reiterating familiar complaints about partisan gridlock and the other half outlining vague ideas to get more Americans working.

“As families struggle to get by they have seen little but partisan gridlock, political pandering and legislative influence peddling,” Bloomberg said. “This can’t go on, we’ve got to pull together and focus on what’s important for America and then roll up our sleeves and fix the things that need fixing.”

Bloomberg, who has been a member of both parties and is now unregistered, also carefully burnished his bipartisan credentials — equally praising and criticizing the beliefs and approaches of Democrats and Republicans.

“We need change and whether the recent elections will be a cure for America’s economic problems or just another symptom of our dysfunctional politics remains to be seen,” Bloomberg said.

He blamed both parties for unfairly vilifying the concept of success and for too quickly dismissing the idea of cooperating within government and across party lines.

“When it comes to creating jobs, government hasn’t gotten the job done,” he said. “Washington and Albany are not working, and as a result, too many Americans are out of work, out of savings and out of patience.”

Bloomberg singled out several areas for improvement, but the concepts were vague — like fixing immigration and promoting trade more effectively.

He also said business taxes should be cut as a way to keep corporations from moving overseas. He offered no way to pay for the difference.

Bloomberg repeatedly says he is not running for president in 2012. He explored the idea in 2008, and his supporters enjoy reaping the benefits of renewed attention about lingering White House aspirations.

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One Comment


    BIG DEAL !!!!!!! WHO CARES GO HAVE SOME…….FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. paul berger says:

    common-sense leadership?sounds like Mike Huckabee to me.

  3. The Truth says:

    Wake up everyone. EVeryone whines but the moment they can get something for less they buy non-American goods. Unions are part of that. ELIMINATE PENSIONS and you can employ everybody!!!!! ELIMINATE PENSIONS, INCREASE STARTING PAY AND LET EVERYONE HAVE AN IRA. Educate yourself and get off the welfare. COPS AND FIREMEN 20 YEARS AND GET HALF PAY THAT IS ALREADY ON STERIODS. THEY DONT PAY TAXES SO IN EFFECT THEY GET A LOT MORE. DONT BE FOOLED THEY ARE NOT HERO’S. LOOKING TO CASH IN ON WELFARE

  4. Keep manufacturing and Jobs in USA says:

    Im not taking anyone side, Demo/Rep/or Mike Bloom but he did say something that we ALL should agree on.

    “He also said business taxes should be cut as a way to keep corporations from moving overseas”
    Key word, Moving overseas” I know this is hard to do but we can do it!

    We should not be greedy especially when it comes to getting a raise, lets get these jobs back to the USA with better products and manufacturing so the other countries can buy from US! After all set and done, then we can talk about a few dollars for the pocket but again not being greedy, we have to just thank god we have a job to put food on the table. God bless USA.

  5. Michael H. says:

    Oh that was so clever. You really got me there! Did you spend all morning working on that one? I hope you didn’t hurt yourself.

  6. Devenio says:

    Pull together, roll up our sleeves and fix the things that need fixing…

    Once you get the “Pull Together” part done, give me a call.

  7. Joannie says:

    “Mayor: Fed, State Leaders Lag On Creating Jobs”

    As Mayor, you too lag in creating jobs. Have you created any new jobs, especially any that haven’t gone to those within your social circle?

    Do you really think you can win the Presidency? Get over yourself.

    1. WOODSIDE MIKEY says:


  8. Michael H. says:

    “Joseph Bruno” and “Sol” wishing for the death of a fellow human being. Such wonderful characters, eh?

  9. Devenio says:

    Mike. I liked you as Mayor your first 2 terms. You seem to have lost your mind in the 3rd however. Tell me Mike. Since when has the government created jobs? Thats what the private sector does Mike. Hey, don’t you own a pretty huge private empire. Tell me Mike. How many jobs have you created? What? cut taxes and jobs will come? Really? So the first 8 years of the Bush Tax cuts weren’t enough for you and your billionaire friends to create a few hundred thousand jobs? You did? No Mike, the jobs in India don’t count. I mean right here in the good ol’ USA. You know the country you and your Billionaire robber barons are attempting to destroy?

  10. peter says:

    He’s nothing but an arrogant hypocrite. Complain about the feds and state and job creation, as you talk about layoffs and reducing work force via attrition.

  11. andy warhol says:

    this guy is awful go away mike you bias dishonest mayor

  12. Fred says:

    Remember, he’s not running for President.

  13. BloombergSucks says:

    Wow, is that irony or what?!?!?! He criticizes about jobs as he happily prepares to layoff thousands of city emplyees while wasting millions on his friends and pet projects. What a slimy lying hypocrite. Oh, and a putz.

    1. WOODSIDE MIKEY says:


  14. bob says:

    Go away Mikey. No one is interested in your self-serving rants anymore.

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