Gas Prices Surge Entering Into The Holiday Season

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Oil companies have a wonderful surprise for customers this holiday season – higher gas prices.

Prices have gone up 10 cents a gallon over the past week and up 34 cents since last Christmas. With a projected 15-cent increase this Christmas, the holiday spirit seems like it is dissipating like a gas fume.

Terry Sheridan of 1010 WINS spoke with some pessimistic drivers at the BP gas station on Bruckner Boulevard in the South Bronx, where a gallon of regular is currently $3.31.

1010 WINS Reporter Terry Sheridan on the rising gas prices

“The summertime was fine. We went through the summer fine, but I think it’s…coming now. January, February and March, we’re going to go up on the gas,” one man said.

One cab driver reacted after being asked if he would be able to pass on the price hike to his customers

“Oh definitely not. I can’t. Then customers get mad and then I have problem situations,” he said.

“This week I spend already about $150 and we’re not even towards the end of the week — it’s only Friday,” one woman told Sheridan.

Economists blame the spike on the price of the dollar. The national average is currently $2.91/gallon, but some are preparing for a major price spike.

“Wintertime is here and everybody — I would just suggest — get ready, the price of gas is going to be $4 by February,” another man predicted.

  • Renate

    you should live in Germany: we currently pay 1.50 Euro! per litre!!! and, supposedly, there is no price fixing at all…if it wasn’t so aggravint it ought to make us laugh. the prices do have a positive side affect: I walk more :-)

  • John

    Not a monopoly at all. Don’t blame the oil companies. More dollars in circulation means you need more dollars to buy the same goods and services. It is called inflation, and when you weaken the currency, you can buy less with it, so prices must naturally go up.

  • Barre Flynn

    Anyone heard of price fixing and monopoly. How do they get away with it.

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