East Coast Storm Brings Lots Of Rain To Tri-State

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – As the rain continues to plague the tri-state area on Sunday, a break is expected around mid-day before the front brings another round of rain in the late afternoon, CBS 2’s John Marshall reports.

The rain is keeping temperatures up with a high of 54 degrees today—10 degrees above average.

So it will be a wet, windy and warm Sunday as moderate to heavy rain falls throughout the day. The heaviest rain will be in Orange and Rockland counties along with parts of Northern New Jersey.

Temperatures will drop slowly over the evening, but not significantly until Tuesday.

  • thomas all

    wow what an educated comment

  • BoboTheHobo

    We need the rain to wash off all the doggy’s droppings on the sidewalks, the smell of urine next to the pubs and an asbestos dust from DeutcheBank building demolition.

  • Mel Waters

    I really like the rain, except for how wet it makes everything. Oops, sorry about that, my dentures just fell on the floor and now my dog has them. Excuse me for a moment … “Patton, get back here with my dentures or you’re going outside! Thanks Patton, you’re a good dog. I love you too boy.”. Again, sorry about that. Wait, what were we talking about? Rain? Right! OK, so we need rain because it gives us the water we need for life. So that’s good, right? I guess as long as the rain stays outside that is fine with me.

    • bush

      dude, are you nuts? you sound like my 103 year old grandfather.

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