NYC To Vote On Change To Taxi Driver Dress Code

NEW YORK (AP) — Apparently, clothes really do make the man, or cabbie.

The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission is expected to vote Thursday on regulations governing a driver’s appearance.
Such rules have been on the books for years.

The current regulations prohibit underwear worn as outerwear. Tank tops and swimwear are also no-nos.

The new rule doesn’t single out any garments in particular. But it does insist that cabbies be neat, clean and have a “professional appearance.”

TLC Commissioner David Yassky says the commission just wants drivers to recognize that they’re ambassadors for the city.

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One Comment

  1. Ace says:

    Mandatory air fresheners.

  2. Phillip M Carver says:

    Hey look at it this way at least they have a job, yes they should dress nice and for the weather but its like this THEY HAVE A JOB!! when over 3 mill. people dont so yeah.whats the big deal!! come this is a free Country.

  3. The Central Scrutinizer says:

    They should learn how to DRIVE professionally first!!!

  4. pretty funny says:

    lol a sheep barn funny but it’s true

  5. Joannie says:

    If this is implemented rest assured taxi fares are going up – this is the pattern – there is always this give and take for cab drivers.

  6. MG says:

    it is just another way for the city to make money. who is the judge of what a “neat” appearance it??? tickets will be given out left and right. turning NYC into a dictatorship. soon they will be telling passangers what to wear. may be they should start with city workers first?? what about cops in the summer with short sleeve shirts and having their entire arms tattooed or smoking cigars out of police cars–but wait, they are not ambassadors to the city–they are only the law enforcement. i guess King Bloomberg feels like he can do whatever he wants!

  7. Marina Ios says:

    they should dress professional, act professional, they represent this city and many times they create the first impression for a tourist- believe me i have a long work experience in hotels in nyc and i heard a lot of negative comments re yellow taxis , but also, lets be realistic, some of those cars smell HORRIBLE no matter how the driver dressed or groomed itself, why dont they use IONIZERS for an hour or so, when the car is in the garage IONIZERS DO WONDERS WHEN WE GET REALLY SMELLY ROOMS IN HOTELS

  8. Peter col says:

    English Please!!!!

  9. Gregg says:

    As someone who takes a taxi everyday in NYC, I don’t care how they dress ! Speak english ,know directions and be friendly. It is not a pleasure anymore to take a taxi in NY as it was many years ago ! Maybe drivers should be paid more money would help !!

  10. Peter col says:

    they should also govern the way some of the cab driver smell . some cabs smell like a sheep barn…

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