Harlem Inventor Wants To Keep Your Pants From Falling

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Got baggy pants? You need this!

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola reports

“The entire product is concealed under the clothing,” says inventor Andrew Lewis of Harlem.

The Subs pants accessory - Photo: Hatch Ventures

The Subs pants accessory - Photo: Hatch Ventures

Lewis developed Subs. They’re basically suspenders for guys who like to wear low-slung or baggy pants.

“It is essentially a waist belt, with four vertical suspender straps,” Lewis told WCBS 880 reporter Ginny Kosola.

Lewis, who is a professional mediator in his day job, says the gadget is being sold online, at one store in Harlem, and a major department store has expressed interest.

LINK: Subs


One Comment

  1. Bull Shigity says:

    what respectable, saggy-pant wearing thug [or wannabe thug] is going to buy and wear a garter belt so his jeans don’t sag too much?

  2. Bee Kim says:

    Mr. Lewis is a court employee, and should be ashamed of himself for promoting an image that is so not welcomed in any courthouse. Furthermore, how dare he spend hours, days, weeks, months, years ogling at the exposed parts of these men with glee, then find a way to perpetuate it for his own twisted fantasies. Doesn’t he know that this is an image the majority of Blacks abhor, and feel it denigrates the dignity of their culture? Andrew Lewis, you are a racist pig, and your contraption will probably put some coins in your pocket. Something tells me you won’t take issue to that. Who cares about those people anyway… Right?

  3. DanTe says:

    Give these poor folks a break, folks. Wearing oversized baggy pants is their way of making sure that they have pants as they grow. And when they grow out of them, they shift it down and wear long t-shirts to cover it. They can’t afford to buy new pairs every year.

    1. Arnel says:

      Maybe they can’t afford to buy pants often because of your thieving ancestors that are already in hell.waiting for the rest of your racist, self righteous and entitlement filled ass.


    Wow..what a no brainer..LITERALLY.
    Give me a break..haven’t your mother taught you to pull up your pants ?
    Pull up your pants and if they slip….tighten the belt.
    I don’t think they need a MALE GARTER belt to acheive that practice.

  5. nana says:

    wow, it even has a name, suds pants! disgusting, guest the Harlem inventor will become rich from this. poor ignorant kids.

  6. MC says:

    With all due respectto the inventor, this is a consession by parts of our society that sagging pants is acceptable when it should not be. This style will never help these young men get a good and decent job.

  7. nana says:

    it goes to show you instead of enforcing the law in wearing pants on your waist some idiot turns around and creates this stupid thing, they might as well wear garter belts,where is the law that you can walk around showing your underwear and at times more than that,to me it’s indecent exposure, your rights are not being violated but mine are, so look in the mirror and see how stupid you really look and wear your pants properly.where are the parents of these people that actually like and allow this, oh! they are also wearing their pants like that, this is the most disgusting fad to ever come along.

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