Search Continues For White Plains Hit-And-Run Driver

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A young man is clinging to life in White Plains Monday after a bizarre double hit-and-run.

One driver is in police custody, but police are looking for another who was behind the wheel of a very expensive car.

Surveillance video captured the first car fleeing the scene, which had moments earlier struck and critically injured 23-year-old Raul Rios.

“We know it’s a black Mercedes, a late-model Mercedes, and we ask that person to come forward, because eventually we’re going to find out who you are,” Public Safety Commissioner David Chong said.

Dave Bergen has known Rios for years – he coached him on the wrestling squad at White Plains High School.

“You just love him,” Bergen said. “He’s just a great, great guy. He’d do anything for you.”

 Early Sunday, Rios was crossing Post Road when the Mercedes struck him, sending him flying down the street. As two Good Samaritans rushed to his aid, police say a second car sped by, striking them.

“In essence, we had two hit-and-runs immediately, one right after the other,” Chong said.

Chong said within minutes, police had located the second driver. David Bautista, 22, has been charged with DWI and fleeing the scene of an accident.

The Good Samaritans were not seriously injured.

“These Good Samaritans, they were very brave, they’re great people,” Chong said. “They went out there to help a person that was down on the street.”

Rios is clinging to life with critical injuries as police search for the driver of the Mercedes that struck him.

“He’s got fractured legs, trauma to the head, and right now he’s in induced coma,” brother Anthony Rios said.

“Knowing that he’s a competitor, and knowing that he’s just a strong kid, and keeps himself in good shape, and that he gets through this tragedy,” White Plains wrestling coach Tony Iasiello said.

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One Comment

  1. Robert Fardella says:

    i wish him well. i was actually the paramedic who worked on rios. i hope that he survives and makes a full recovery…..while working on him, i remember that I just felt sad for him. I knew it would be a long recovery ahead if he survived. I wish him the best !!

    1. ashley f. says:

      i’ve known raul since middle school and even afer graduaing from high school we kept in touch. he’s a sweet guy that you can’t help but to love and was always smiling or laughing. its ridiculous that this had to happen. i was one of the first people to see the report and telling our friends wasnt easy but from all of us we’d just like to say thank you for your service to the community and thank you so much for helping our frined.

  2. ATIR says:


  3. atir says:

    parents, do not leave your boy alone even for 1 min. watch doctors and make sure they are doing everything possible at this momemnt. i have live example, my friend got hit by car a year ago. drs were saying she wont come back. and she did, after 1 year. it took a lot of effort to bring her back, its all because of her mother who was all the time with her. do not let doctors loose a moment. do not loose hope.
    he will be ok again.

  4. officerfriendly says:

    Seriously?? Good samaritin? Why don’t u walk into traffic and preach there?

  5. gingy123 says:

    4 am. Pedestrians always have the right of way. Even if they didn’t, it doesn’t give drivers, drunk or not the right to run over people. People can spend so much money on drinks at a bar, but they can’t pay $10 for a cab. What is wrong with the world today?

  6. The Good Samaritan says:

    What time did this happen? Also did the victim have the right away.
    The article does not specify..

    Also the other two people that were trying to

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

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