Wave Of Violence Hits Northern NJ

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — It was a violent weekend in a northern New Jersey county.

A fatal shooting in Newark Sunday capped nine reported carjackings, nine shootings and three attempted carjackings in Essex County.

The deadly shooting occurred on Lindsley Avenue. The victim has not been identified.

Essex County Prosecutor’s Office chief of detectives Anthony Ambrose told The Star-Ledger of Newark most of the violence was concentrated in Newark. There were seven shootings and seven carjackings in the city since Friday.

A Newark police sergeant opened fire and wounded an armed suspect on Friday night.

New Jersey’s largest city laid off 167 police officers earlier this month due to a city budget shortfall.

Ambrose says all but one of the incidents were nonfatal.

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  1. hakim gaskins says:

    higher learning,believe is the answer to newark drama,despite all the wrong doing everyone is a victom.i dont agree whats going on with this younger generation ,i believe if we odopt those in our life as there mentor and lead by example so many will have some sense of direction.your guote no child left behind.

  2. Fed Up.... says:

    Newark is the largest and most violent city in NJ. Thanks to the layoffs the criminals will be “the job” fulltime. Now supposedly Jersey City police will soon join them.
    Who and when will the people of New Jersey ever be safe………………? Never !
    Here’s an idea..Send all 1st time criminals to Afghanistan. Let them show just how “TOUGH” they really are.

  3. dan says:

    Jack, too bad the banks paid back the money, and the gov’t made money off them. How bout the unions give back a little?

  4. xcop says:

    welcome to ESCAPE FROM NJ…this is just the start

  5. Eva says:

    I agree with you Jack!

  6. Jack says:

    This is how it starts

  7. Jack says:

    Oh thats ok, lets call it collateral damage, layoff a few more cops, and.. Hurry up we got to give a few more trillions to the banks!

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