Say Good-Bye To ‘Train Of Thought’ On Subways

NEW YORK (AP) — The literary quotations that filled New York City’s subways for two years are being replaced with a promotional campaign.

The program was called Train of Thought. It offered quotations by poets, historians, philosophers and scientists.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says it doesn’t have room for both the quotations and its messages about improvements to the system.

Train of Thought had replaced another program called Poetry in Motion. That ran in the subway system for eight years.

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  • dph

    Self-serving, and fairly inaccurate ads to promote the MTA’s less than sterling service? That’s not even close to being ironic. New Yorkers don’t need to be bombarded with more ads; quotations, poetry, food for thought, etc. was a welcome relief from the rest of the visual pollution we endure every day. MTA… you’re on the wrong track, and have missed the train!

  • Devenio

    Wait, so the MTA is replacing a program that might has given someone reason to ponder with a campaign designed to toot its own horn? Sounds about right.

    • John Bartnett

      Its look like the MTA has it head in the wrong place!

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