Rex On Foot-Fetish Videos: It’s A Personal Matter

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — New York Jets coach Rex Ryan says it’s a “personal matter” and declined to talk about a “foot-fetish” report posted by the sports website Deadspin that show four videos of a woman who bears a close resemblance to Ryan’s wife, Michelle.

The videos show a woman displaying her toes to an off-screen cameraman who, in one video, sounds a lot like the coach. The two are having an intimate chat about her feet.

During his news conference Wednesday, Ryan declined several times to discuss the situation.

“I understand I’m going to get asked this question frontways, sideways, backways, and all this, but it is a personal matter,” he said.

When asked if the NFL might look into the situation, spokesman Greg Aiello said the league considers it “a personal matter.”

Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum said in a brief statement that he and owner Woody Johnson have met with Ryan. They also are calling it a personal matter, adding that the coach has their “full support.”

According to Deadspin, the woman in the video goes by the handle “ihaveprettyfeet.”

A still photograph from one of the video clips was splashed across the front of the New York Daily New and showed a woman with her feet hanging out of an SUV. She is approached by someone who is not on camera and he tells her that she has “really beautiful feet.”

The other videos show the woman sitting on a couch, having a drink, reading a book and sitting on a porch and rubbing her feet.

“My wife’s beautiful,” Ryan said when asked about his wife. “We’ve been married for 23 years. She’s awesome.”

A few weeks ago, before the Jets played New England, Ryan compared his wife to Giselle Bundchen, who is married to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Ryan said he’s “also married to a supermodel.”

“I don’t want to say that I probably shouldn’t have done that,” Ryan said.

While the Jets have a big game coming up against the Bears in which they can clinch a postseason berth if the win, the focus again is on the team’s off-field issues.

“I’m going to be ready to play Chicago,” Ryan said. “We’re going to be ready to play Chicago. I am ready. This is my job and I’m focused on the job at hand.”

Most players also declined comment on the issue, but star cornerback Darrelle Revis supported his coach.

“You hear stuff around the building and whatever it was, I haven’t even seen the video, you hear stuff,” Revis said. “Foot fetish? Whatever. I mean, that’s his wife. At the end of the day, that’s his wife and he can do whatever he wants with his wife. It’s not like he’s out committing adultery or anything negative.”

Jets cornerback Drew Coleman joked about the Deadspin report on Wednesday morning with WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton.

“I’m sure somebody will bring them up on the big screen today or sometime during this week,” cracked Coleman.

Last week, the team suspended an assistant coach indefinitely for tripping a Miami player and ordering inactive players to form a sideline wall.

Sal Alosi, the Jets’ strength and conditioning coach, was suspended without pay for the rest of the season, including the playoffs, and fined an additional $25,000.

The Jets were investigated by the league in September after a female reporter, Ines Sainz of TV Azteca, said she felt uncomfortable in the team’s locker room. The Jets developed a workplace conduct program, underwritten by owner Woody Johnson.

In January, Ryan was fined $50,000 by the team after he was caught on a cell phone camera flipping his middle finger at a fan during a mixed martial arts competition in Sunrise, Fla. The image of Ryan quickly spread across the Internet and made its way onto the back pages of New York tabloids. He apologized the next day in a statement, calling his actions “stupid and inappropriate.”

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LISTEN: Boomer & Carton on Deadspin’s foot-fetish report

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  • badman

    seriously. if he’s not gonna deny it’s her, why not just say “we were having a little fun and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.” don’t make it into a mystery – more than it is. It’s not like she’s doing anything weird or perverted in the videos, and it’s with him – not some other guy. BIG DEAL.

  • Pete

    I like the way Carl Banks put it with Joe and Evan, when Benigno brought the topic up on air, “…anyone that chooses to air it is stupid.”. Right on about Joe, and Evan, and Carton, and whomever else.

  • craig

    This guy has a great wife and a great marriage. I wish him all the best.

  • Dominick Mezzapesa

    First off I hate the Jets, I am a Chiefs fan and we may face them in the playoff’s so I don’t have to defend the man or his family but Jeez leave them alone.

    OMG he loves his wife! My god this non-story is just silly and I already had a screaming match with a guy who was making fun of Ryan.

    I am sorry but enough is enough and this junk is advance because news reporters have to get in their little jokes even when defending the man. Enough already leave them alone and let the Ryan’s personal life remain just that PERSONAL.

  • Snake

    Rex sucks feet,Carton sucks balls.

  • steel tiped boot

    rex is a fat slob hehehehehe

  • spider

    rex is cool carton isnt

  • Brian 264

    In a <perhaps, unrelated press release the New York Jets today announced the signing of Hollywood Director Quentin Tarintino as assistant defensive co-ordinator………..

  • steel tiped boot

    that little puke evan roberts loves defending that big fat foot lick slob… hey even keep your mouth shut punk little brown noser haaa haaa haaa . go lick rex ryans fee while he licks his wifes feet haaa haaahaaaaaa

    • Dominick Mezzapesa

      You seem to have some anger issues….maybe you should seek help Moron

  • Chris Harrison

    Maybe this is where the idea came from to trip the gunner on the sideline….just a hunch.

  • steel tiped boot

    The raunchy profile purported to be that of Ryan and his wife also shows that they are interested in threesomes and “nipple torture.”

  • Pafire63

    another thing is that the lovely mrs ryan… mistress to rex was looking for men and women to have worship her feet heheheheheheehee i bet she has rex wear xtra large pantyhose HAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAA rex ryan once again the laughung stock of the NFL haaahaaahaaa always sticking his wifes foot in his mouth :P:P:P:P:P
    there was another jet way back that had a thing for feet ohh no it was pantyhose hehehehehe

  • Pedro Salazar

    This is only slightly embarrassing…

  • sam

    If it’s a personal matter, why the F did they put it up in Facebook.

  • newton lightFoot

    Don’t sports fans know that it’s all about the “Thrill of Victory and the Agony of da’feet.”

  • Pafire63

    that punk even roberts has a fetish too… defending that fat slob ryan saying he didnt do anything wrong…… even roberts loves to kiss and suck rex ryan fat smelly feet haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



  • dabooch

    Woody-Woody Johnson and Foote-Foote Ryan still are trying to sell seats for Sunday’s game. Sal will be outside the stadium ringing a bell with a Santa disguise and a tin can and all he did was stick out a knee.

  • Ravens Rule

    Yeah……Rex has a foot fetish……’s always in his mouth.

    • Mark

      If it is a private thing why did they post it on the internet

  • liove Michelle Ryan's feet

    she has such sexy feet … but she has a fat slob like rex “i buy pizza and submarine sandwhiches by the FOOT!!!!!!!!”



  • Pafire63

    and she has a profile on a footfetish dating site hehehehehehe looking for a man or a woman hmmmmmmmmmmmm the ryans KINKYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oy Vey!!

    Dis lil’ piggy went to market and dis lil’ piggy went home………..

  • Foot_Ball

    They do call this FOOT-ball ya know.
    what’s the big deal?

  • Pafire63

    rex ryan giving his wife some pillow talk…” yesss mistress please may i smell you feet yesssss soo good let me kiss and lick your sexy feet mmmmmmmmmmm yesss yess yesssss” haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa
    rex is always ready for some FOOT ball haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa

    • Dominick Mezzapesa

      Hey Pafire please don’t tell me you were born in 1963 when you’re 49 and need to post 5 times with childish comments it tells me a few things….

      1- Move out of your moms basement
      2-Good luck with that vaginity thing you have going on

  • Pafire63

    she must get lots of hits on adultfriendfinder and haaaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaahaa send pics of your wifes feet to leg show mag haaaa haaa haaaaa

  • JonNY

    “Can I, um, smell them?!?!” hahahaha.

  • Pafire63

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAA now that fat slob Rex ryan is a “f”in laughing stock!!!!!!!!! wat a freak haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Dr. Scholl

    0bservations: 1) less than a FOOT to go for the 1st down! 2) Rex needs to put his FOOT up some of his player’s …. 3) Getting to the end, Jets have to TOE the line.

  • de-feet-ed

    They’ve really gotten themselves into a toe jam now

  • tommy g

    I smell a new endorsement deal: Subway’s $5 footlongs!

  • flkb

    that’s the thing with this, people in power ARE AND WILL ALWAYS be under scrutiny. people care, that’s why tabloids exist. don’t kid yourself steve.

  • John

    Let’s not be so “callous” to rush to judgement. Who cares?

  • stev

    who really cares about this? theres 2 games left, rex ryans personel life shouldnt be a topic? thats why its called personel! lets talk sports.
    it wouldnt be so funny if someting leaked out about craig carton,,,would it?

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