Body Found In Suitcase Near Famed Harlem Eatery Rao’s

Police Seek Man Seen In Surveillance Video For Questioning In Woman's Death

NEW YORK (AP/CBSNewYork) — The body of a woman has been discovered strangled, stuffed inside a suitcase outside an East Harlem building, down the street from one of the city’s famous Italian eateries.

A spokesman for the medical examiner’s office said Wednesday afternoon that her death had been ruled a homicide. The cause of death was neck compression.

Late Wednesday, police released video surveillance of a man they said they wanted to question in the woman’s death.

Police said a passer-by rummaging through the trash outside the building on East 114th Street found the suitcase and called 911. Officers responded shortly after midnight Wednesday.

The building is about a block away from Rao’s Restaurant, a notable eatery in the neighborhood.

1010 WINS Reporter Al Jones gets latest details on the case.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the unidentified black woman was in her 20s or 30s and appeared to have a head injury. She was dressed.

Police have made no arrests. The investigation is ongoing.

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One Comment

  1. gman says:

    folks this isn’t about religion its about crazy ass people

  2. TheEye says:

    That day we had a full Moon and prior to the incident, a total lunar eclipse, the moon bled (foretold of a coming atrocity). Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. We are dealing with New York City’s very own werewolf!

    1. Tree Expert says:

      Wow, You figured that out all by your wittle self ? That must be some damn good marijuana you’re smoking.
      Don’t tell me, LES…?

      1. TheEye says:

        Pizza toppings to be more exact, that trigger the psyche…channeling into visions.

      2. Eye on the prize.. says:

        @ TheEye…
        Really, pizza toppings ? Which ones to be exact ?
        I’m trying to channel in the correct numbers for tomorrows’ winning Mega
        Help me out here, Thanks

      3. TheEye says:

        Psychedelic mushrooms only work on the living organism natural world occurrences and though never direct, it tells of optional avenues to take. On a serious note, I know to have inserted the word “werewolf.” What I really mean to say, every individuals emotions are heighten under full Moons. Although every individual reacts differently, it can be positive or negative and under what conditions should be considered.

  3. Dalele Blanc says:

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    1. Loser for Wise says:

      @ Dalele…this is not the place nor the forum for your stunt.
      Your telemarketing is bland and sad.
      Hit the streets, pound the pavement and sadly solicit for “wise health”.
      Good luck, hope it’s paying you above minimum.

  4. Ibrahim says:

    Serious question: Why on earth do these cameras still record such poor quality video? Technologies for every device on earth has evolved, yet security cameras still record video as poorly as they did in the 70s or 80s. A small modern hard drive can store hundreds of hours of HD video, and that’s far more than a modern camera would need. As is the case with this footage, these recordings can be a matter of life or death. Wake up.


    OH MY GOODNESS..Is that him. Damn, talk about a heartless killer. You would think he’s on his way to a holiday get-away.


  6. j says:

    It’s getting crazy


    It’s defaming to the restaurant for the media to use their location as depiction.
    It will give the false impression as though the murderer is within those walls.

    It’s not right.

    1. Nutz says:

      You are absolutely correct, the body’s actual discovery was in front of the 435 E 114th St, Left of Rao’s down the street.

    2. Captain Obvious says:

      Ugh, I will never eat at Rao’s. The headline alone made me sick.

  8. Hey You never know says:

    This story goes to show that there are so real nuts living in this world. They could be the average Anna next door or the charming Charlie, you will never know.
    To take a human being, kill them and literally bend up their corpse to place them in a suitcase is beyond comprehension.
    It is sick…..all the neighbors related to the actual location should be on the lookout.

  9. Nutz says:

    For fuk sakes, just left of this building is like a garden terrain and many stray cats linger. It’s where many locals feed the strays, including myself. It’s uncomforting that this spot has no surveillance (cameras) whatsoever and should be implemented immediately.

    1. Nutz says:

      Correction, right of the building.

  10. PreBarrio says:

    Nice to know Raos still attracts the old gang.

    1. Nutz says:

      That’s probably the idea, to mislead. However, this place is where no type of surveillance exist. That in saying, someone knows about this location, being able to place something aside without being recorded. A limb was sticking out of the suitcase, so it must have been a swift dump.

  11. andrewthoone says:

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    1. Good workers...hard to find says:

      It’s become quite obvious that you and your co-workers are on some sort of telemarketing thing where you are soliciting for “Wise Health”.
      SADLY, you’re like a cold-sore. You pop-up where you’re not wanted.
      Move on to the streets, you may have a better chance.

      Commission, I hope ?

  12. It's the devil.... says:

    Wow..Everyone here seems to blame God for this individual ? He took it upon him/herself to apparently murder this young woman and place her in a suitcase.
    God can perhaps give you “spiritual guidance” If you allow the devil to take over your mind and then your soul..well so be it.
    We have quite a bit of inhuman walks of life, unfortunately they never die first.

    1. dvin says:

      The holy Koran says” We built the heaven,verily we are the expander of it.” This is what Habel discovered by today’s equipment. He called it universal expansion
      Dvin from Iran

  13. Stu Pid says:


  14. C.J says:

    God? Yea ok.

  15. khumbi says:

    that is inhuman and why is God letting these things to happen? Come God and rule this poor world

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