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Steroid Abuse By Law Enforcement In New Jersey?

TRENTON, NJ (WCBS 880) – There could be civil or criminal charges as police officers in New Jersey are being investigated for steroid use.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney reports

A newly formed task force is looking into steroid abuse among hundreds of law enforcement officers statewide.

“Certainly [we] are very thankful for their willingness to cooperate,” New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow said.

Dow applauded police union heads as the investigation ramped up.

“Not only are they looking at the violators who are using steroids improperly, they’re looking at the fraud, underlying fraud. We’ve brought in our fraud experts to talk about the payment scheme and whether these are payments that the new state of New Jersey should be assuming.”

Dow says legislation may also be needed to address the issue.

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One Comment

  1. pete johnson says:

    In the last ten years of being a cop I can name ten officers who killed them selves, five who got killed in the line of duty. You savilians talk about our pention as if iots not diserved. Just like every profession their are employees who dont diserve their job but to clasify all of us just shows me what a thankless job it is. If you want to blam someone for drug abuse blam the doctors that prescribe steroids and other ADDICTIVE meds! Im glad I risk my life for you people everyday. If i dont get my pention after 25 years of hell, ill off my self too.

  2. ladywolve says:

    Get them out of there, fire them all, they are losers for doing that,

  3. lemmy says:

    Id rather have a 210lb juiced cop on my side than a 130lb Barney Fife. This isn’t sports .There is no unfair advantage. When a nut is high on PCP who do you want handling the job?

  4. W says:

    They should also check ALL the state cops in ALL 50 states especially Delaware and Maryland who I know for a fact are some of the largest abusers of steroids. This includes County and City cops as well!

  5. James Mac says:

    I know several state troopers as well as local police officers from vernon township NJ that have been using steroids since higschool. If you want their names let me know

  6. The Truth says:

    Please just fire those drug addicts and likely bigots! A cop is a glorified welfare case. For those that do their jobs no offense but the Pension timeboimb is killing the US. For the drug addict and corrupt cops fire them all. Why are the 2 hitman from the NYPD still getting their pensions. What is this Greece or Ireland?

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