Kelly: NYPD Remaining On Alert After Rome Bombings

Commish Hints Of Special Precautions Through New Year's

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/ WCBS 880/ CBS 2) – New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that the police force is remaining vigilant and on alert after two bombs exploded at embassies in Rome on Thursday.

Although there are no specific threats against the city, Kelly said, the NYPD is not taking any chances.

“We’re on top of the terrorist target list. That’s the world in which we live. This is not new news for us,” Kelly said.

It’s a world where, Friday, two embassies in Rome were hit with package bombs. First the Swiss emassy and then the Chilean. Two employees who opened the packages are in serious condition. Italy’s foreigh minister called the attacks deplorable acts of violence.

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The NYPD is taking special precautions in the days leading up to Christmas and New Years, but Kelly would not elaborate.

“We’re doing some additional things this holiday season. We haven’t seen attacks focused on a particular date in the past until we saw Abdul Mutallab on Christmas day on Flight 253 going into Detroit,” Kelly said.

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For now, the NYPD will continue monitoring and keeping a watchful eye on New Yorkers this holiday season.

The admission that counter terrorism cops are on the alert comes after incoming House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer this week federal intelligence experts have picked up chatter from several sources that al Qaeda or groups associated with al Qaeda would like to strike some place in the United States during the holidays.

“As I say we’re on alert we’re watching indicators that we normally watch. We’re watching them closely, but there’s no indication of a specific threat to this city at this time,” Kelly said.

Kramer: “Are you doing anything special?”

Kelly: “Yes.”

Kramer: “Can you tell us?”

Kelly: “No.”

As Kelly noted, terrorists now like to strike at this time of the year. There was last year’s attempt by Abdulmutallab to ignire an underwear bomb on a Northwest Airlines flight. Previously, shoe bomber Richard Reid was taken off a Paris-to-Miami flight after he tried to ignite a shoe bomb back in 2001.

The combination of the recent intelligence and the fact that the terrorists seem to favor attacks at this time of year are apparently what led the city to ramp up security.

“New York is the communications capital. It’s the financial capital. We’ve been attacked twice successfully and [there have been] 11 plots against the city since 2001, so obviously we have to be on our guard and we are,” Kelly said.

The NYPD alert will go at least through New Year’s. Counter terrorism cops will guard sensitive locations and over 1,000 recent graduates of the Police Academy will be on guard in Times Square as the ball drops.

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One Comment

  1. DanTe says:

    And all you whiny little turds on this message board were the first one screaming why where there no fighters in the air or soldiers on the ground to “prevent” 9/11. Do us all a favor: DIE OFF. Preferably before you had spawned and furthered the infestation of stupid.

  2. Bily Thompson says:

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  3. melody says:

    officers – please, go easy on those trigger fingers this holiday season. we are not all terrorists. everyone is struggling. give a hand up instead of a fist or baton.

  4. Fredo says:

    Sounds like a way to justify the OT this holiday season. Those fat checks come in handy this time of year,

  5. bush says:

    hey ray! keep up the good work. the office staff was a little disappointed with their christmas gifts this year. what were you thinking?

  6. amazedin NY says:

    Wait a minute Commissioner. You plan to put a thousand of the most inexperienced officers to guard potential targets durring a hightend terrorism alert? That doesn’t make any sense. Oh I forgot its another of your SMOKE AND MIRROR public con jobs.

    1. life is good says:

      It’s the least expensive option … the new guys are at the bottom step of the pay scale … Not that the top of the pay scale for a patrolman is big bucks either (lower middle class pay).

  7. aldous huxley says:

    it gives the city the excuse to have more soldiers in body armor on the street. in order to get people used to seeing this. continue to perpetuate this so called “state of fear”. keep people afraid. they ask for more protection. more soldiers on the street. check everyone. white, black, asian, middle eastern – any ethnic group can be labeled a terrorist by today’s standards – recruiting from within our own country. reminds me of the whole “commie” frenzy after WWII. they want us watching each other & snitching on each other.

    i think it is too late. the police state is here. should only get worse from here.

  8. fedup says:

    Hey Ray, you cannot measure your success by the failures of the terrorists. Or have you forgotten the Times Square attempted car bombing? You know the one where the terrorist drove a car bomb right to the middle of Times Square left the enging running and took off to the airport. With all your Smoke and Mirrors and patting yourself on the back it was a hotdog vendor who prevented a major disaster.

  9. Rugbyball says:

    Could you have at least run this article through the Spell Check feature, because I know that there is no such thing as editors anymore. It looks like its written by someone in there first year of English as a Second language class.

  10. pat says:

    Kelly: NYPD Remaining On Alert After Rome Bombings

    How are you doing that Ray? I know by paying for your dinners at every resturaunt you go to for now on.

  11. sc says:

    These terrorist can not handle the real world and the smell of themselfs. they are loser pigs!

  12. MOLLY PLANAKIS says:


  13. Abe Benesch says:

    Fear monger.

    No known threat, but everybody should still be afraid.

    Very irresponsible, Mr. Ray Kelly. Shame upon you 😦

  14. Sean Bell says:

    Ray Kelly is a Bloomberg puppet and his son on FOX 5 is a metrosexual

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