NYC: Abandoned Cars Impede Plowing After Storm

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City officials say abandoned cars left on city streets slowed efforts to clear streets after a massive post-Christmas snowstorm.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says snow fell at a rate of 2 to 3 inches an hour at some points overnight, forcing thousands of sanitation workers to re-plow some roads.

He and Sanitation Commissioner John Dougherty say cars that were left in the streets also delayed street plowing. They say it will be at least 24 hours before all streets are cleared.

The mayor says 2,400 sanitation workers were on duty overnight until 9 a.m. Monday and then were relieved by a second shift. The workers used 1,700 plows to clear streets.

Snowfall totals in the city ranged from 15 to over 20 inches.

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  • terri katt

    Not one plow has been seen or heard in Ridgewood, Queens. Where are the PLOWS??

  • tahir

    Brighten Beach haven’t been plowed at all. My car is stuck and subways are not working how I suppose to get to work??

  • S.J.P

    shore pkwy bensonhurst brookly not one time did a plow come dow seeing all these posts makes me wonder where all our tax $ is going

  • mike

    no cars blocking plows on my block yet noone has plowed! this is bs

  • Bonnie

    Mill Basin Brooklyn has not been plowed at all. Buses are not running and the connecting trains are all suspended. This is becoming a nightmare! Food is running low and there is no end in sight. The city is doing a terrible job in response to the storm and we are in in jeopardy.

  • Monique Wellington

    there was no plow here. not even once. thank mr mayor for doing a wonderful job. none of the streets are cleared in my area in the bronx

  • dee

    avenue z in brooklyn no plows at all only the one that was stuck fro 10 am to 5pm and had to be dug out

  • luke

    Much applaud the wonderful Mayor for doing such a garbage job in managing the street plowing efforts. The article states that 2 to 3 inches were falling and the sanitation workers had to re plow. Yea right give me a break, was outside the majority of the night and didn’t see any streets plowed. Brooklyn alone in every area the local streets have 2 feet of snow this is totally an embarrassment to NYC residents and an insult. The streets are still not plowed and we are heading into Tuesday. Ridiculous!

  • Lew

    A New York Fire Department ambulance has been stuck on 41st street between 43rd Ave and Skilllman for at least the past 12 hours. When do the plows get to Queens’ smaller streets or are they just clearing Manhattan?

  • Eli

    We can afford to hire hundreds of NYC traffic officers, I gaurantee they will be out tomorrow giving tickets to those stranded cars. Alternate side parking is in effect!!! (right Bloomi?)that he can guarantee. But to send out some plows so that we can go out and make money to pay those tickets & rising taxes that he can’t come thru. Amazing he’s in his 82nd floor triplex penthouse u think he gives a sh%t. Money & power always goes to the ppl. Ok gotta go about to get a ticket.

  • Seb

    Hey Bloomie, you and your corporate politics suck… There are 5 MTA buses stuck in the street in front of my house in College Point, Queens. They’ve been there for more than 24 hours. The road is completely blocked and no signs of plows anywhere. And we thought NY was a first world city. By the way, one block away, where the Pepsi Bottling company is the road is completely clear. Of course, a big transnational corporation gets a great hand from you :-p

  • Dmitri Bel

    not a single plow came on Ave T and Brown st in Brooklyn since the storm began.

  • J.JAZE


  • Matthew Criscuolo

    West 7th street in gravesend brooklyn has not been plowed as far as the eye can see. Ave U and West 6th (main streets) appear to be functional. I saw one plow pass on Ave this morning during my 2.5 hour shoveling endeavor.

  • KK

    Their response has been way too slow this time! 7 hours after the first drop of snow and BQE was not plowed once. It took me over 7 hours to go one exit last night!!!!!!! Now it’s 7pm on Monday and none of the side streets in Bklyn has been plowed. I’m sorry but I’m one of those who has to abandon my car somehwere and walked home due to the inability of the government!

  • Scureggi

    No plows in Bayside, College Point or Douglaston. What are we paying our city taxes for ?? Remember the Lindsey Legacy ??

    • Liberty Lover

      I suggest we hold back those taxes this time around — as well as our votes for the imbeciles in office who seem to have forgotten about us.

      Love your display name, by the way.

  • Angela

    We tried to get back to the airport and couldn’t get on the belt parkway on Flatbush because people were exiting on the entrance. Then when we got to JFK we couldn’t get past the entrance because cars were stuck at the entrance to the main road to the terminals. We went around another way and then couldnt park in terminal 4 because it hadn’t been ploughed and again there were cars stuck at the entrance. The token booths were absolutely full of snow and that was at 4:30 when the airport was supposed to reopen at 6pm. We had to go back home and hopefully be refunded for our flight which will probably not get out tonight anyway.

  • Annmarie

    I have to agree with everyone – on the upper west side of Manhattan – No plow all day. Sidewalk has been clear all day. What gives.???

  • Liberty Lover

    This is the sorriest excuse for snow removal I’ve seen since Lindsay was mayor. I haven’t seen a plow all day in College Point or Whitestone — and it has nothing to do with abandoned cars!

    Bloomberg and DSNY should be embarrassed about this. My City Councilman, Halloran, has been no help, either. His office is totally useless. No one even answers the phone over there. It reminds me of the way things worked during the Lindsay administration, when they dug out Manhattan and let the rest of the city wait until the spring thaw.

    Yeah, I have a long memory. It’ll certainly last until election day, Halloran and Bloomberg.

  • C

    we are still waiting for plows to come through Brooklyn…what gives here?

  • Sal

    Send some plows to Brooklyn. I’s 3:00 PM and I have not seen a plow yet. Not even on the main roads. Last time I looked I was paying taxes to NYC. Mayor please send some plows from Manhattan to the outer boroughs.

    • Bill

      exactly, MB should stop taking care of Times Sq and these new years eve outsiders and start worrying about his own people who voted for him (reluctantly)

  • tdog

    Bloomy should have declared a snow emergency last night!! There would have been fewer cars on the road and fewer buses stranded. I see no less than 4 city buses that are stranded within a 10 block radius from my home… and at least a dozen cars!!! I helped a stranded taxi driver try and dig out his car from being stuck on a hill last evening about 11:30pm but he abandoned his car and went home on the train. Why was he even on the street last night!
    If a snow emergency had been declared more people would have stayed off the streets which would have made it easier to plow. As it stands right now…. NONE of the side streets have been plowed on the upper east side. Many of them still have drifts of 3 feet across the road and most have the added snow from all the snow thrown onto the street by the snow blowers.
    Bloomberg….. you drop the ball on this!!!

  • Ami Colon

    I’m sorry, that’s a crock. There were plenty of areas in Jackson Heights that were car free. They could have plowed there!

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