Blizzard Doesn’t Make It To Top 5 For NYC

NEW YORK (AP) — It’s not the worst snow storm that New York City has ever experienced. It’s not even in the top five.

National Weather Service meteorologist Adrienne Leptich said this year’s blizzard was the sixth-worst storm since the agency began keeping records in 1869.

A Feb 11-12, 2006, storm dropped 26.9 inches in Central Park, breaking the previous 1947 high by half an inch.

The storm that clobbered the city Sunday left 20 inches of snow in Central Park.

The blizzard stymied transportation throughout the metropolitan region, leaving thousands of holiday travelers trying to get back home.

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  1. Dr. Fellingston says:

    These statistics are skewed. None of the previous storms mentioned above occurred when the temperature dropped below 22 degrees, which meant the snow would melt just enough to allow a single plow to clear a street. When the ambient temperature drops below 22 degrees snowflakes remain in their crystalline state which means an hour after being plowed the snow returns to block the streets due to the high winds. Given this info in an analysis, this storm was the worst since the one in 1888.

  2. edy says:

    And the city couldn’t get it right.

  3. John says:

    Obviously, this person is not counting Staten Island, which just happens to be a part of New York City! We got 29 inches at least and the drifts made things even worse! Also, my block has yet to see a plow, 48hrs after the start of snowfall!

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