Crews Ready Times Square For New Year’s Bash

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Sanitation crews were hard at work Tuesday, removing snow and ice from the streets of Times Square where a massive crowd will gather for the big New Year’s Eve party at the Crossroads of the World, Whit Johnson reports.

PHOTO GALLERIES: Blizzard Slams East Coast | User-Submitted Pictures

The preparations were coming along, but the snow was still piled high on the sidewalks, and with these temperatures, it didn’t look like it’s going to go anytime soon.

The good news, however, is that bare pavement was finally becoming visible. Getting around was easier, especially for pedestrians.

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Nearly two feet of snow fell on the New York metro area Sunday into Monday morning. Monday night crews started clearing snow and setting up stages.

Nearly a million people from all around the world were expected to be on hand for the party, and workers said they will be ready.

“We’re getting ready for New Year’s Eve, so we have to clean up,” one worker said. “We’ll get it ready. We always get it ready every year. Let me get back to work.”

If you’re going to be out and about Tuesday, make sure you dress accordingly. The snow has stopped, but not the wind chill. The Big Apple saw chills in the teens.

Also, if you’re driving, the roads remain slick, icy and dangerous, so leave yourself extra travel time.


One Comment

  1. Fred says:

    Tourists = Revenue

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    Aren’t they lowering a pig from the ball in Times Square this year?

  3. CT says:

    TS is cleared for the new year bash? That’s like a slap to the face. The city cares about tourists than its tax-paying people.

  4. Stranded in Sheepshead Bay says:

    Of course! Make sure the tourists can party in Times Square while resident taxpayers are trapped in their homes. People are DYING because emergency vehicles can’t get through, and people who can ill afford to lose a day’s pay have already lost two (and possibly three) because so many subway lines are out.

    1. Michele New Englander says:

      All NYers should stay out of TS. Oh I forgot, you can’t get there because you haven’t been plowed out yet. Governor, Mayor and the entire Sanitation department…I give you the Italian Salute………for another fine job……

  5. Mike says:

    Lindsy lost Queens to a blizzard, Bloomberg lost the whole City.Why is he cleaning up Times Square while buses, ambulances, fire engines and even us lowly taxpayers can’t get around?

  6. edy says:

    NY is a first world city by mouth only

  7. edy says:

    NYers voted this guy in, so now eat him

  8. Rahwy NJ says:

    Would like to understand why reporters are still saying “Elizabeth NJ” has the record high snow total when on the bottom of the screen, the ticker is stating Rahway NJ has 32″ vs Elizabeth NJ has 31.2″. Also, Rahway NJ is only 10minutes away from Elizabeth NJ yet there are no reporters here! So which is which?????

  9. Debra Anne says:

    Glad you got the streets clean for the tourists.

  10. life is good says:

    HELLO? Mr. C.E.O. Bloomberg ??? Wake up, people are dying in the other four boro’s. Fire Trucks are having to transport medical emergencies to the hospital (stopping frequently to shovel themselves out). Human life should be your #1 priority. Mr. Mayor, you are a dismal failure. There is no place for rich CEO types running government; locally or Nationally..

  11. Caroline says:

    hey Mayor, times square should not be your priority, how about all the local streets in the boroughs that have not been plowed, god help me if I need an ambulance to come up my street, but at least times square will be clean.

  12. Seb says:

    Good news???!!! Irony rather. Hey Bloomie, you and your corporate politics suck… There are 5 MTA buses stuck in the street in front of my house in College Point, Queens. They’ve been there for more than 48 hours!!!! The road is completely blocked and no signs of plows anywhere. And we thought NY was a first world city. By the way, one block away, where the Pepsi Bottling company is the road is completely clear. Of course, a big transnational corporation gets a great hand from you :-p

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