Christie Unapologetic About Vacationing During Blizzard

FREEHOLD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — No regrets and no apologies from Gov. Chris Christie, who was vacationing in Disney World with his family while New Jersey was being battered by the fifth largest storm in the last 100 years.

When asked if he thought twice about his decision, Christie responded by saying “of course I did.” The governor said he ultimately believes he made the right decision.

“Life is about choosing and about decisions. I made the decision to be a father first,” Christie told reporters including CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

WCBS 880’s Kelly Waldron reports

The governor said he wasn’t about to rescind his Christmas gift and promise to his kids.

“I have four children between 7 and 17, who I promised I was taking them to Disney World. Now here are my alternatives — send my wife to Disney World with my four kids by herself — boy That would be an interesting move. I would then be divorced,” Christie said.

WCBS 880’s Kelly Waldron reported Christie said he would not back out of the promise, especially when he had full confidence the man left in charge — State Senator Stephen Sweeney.

“I don’t break promises lightly to anybody, and especially not to my children.”

However some residents in Neptune, where residents shoveled their own streets during the blizzard, weren’t sympathetic.

“It must have been nice. Since we were shoveling roads, but people have their priorities I guess,” A.J. Benjamin said.

“I think this was his first priority. I mean, I’m all for everybody going away and having a vacation. He’s entitled to that, just like any of us, but…this storm really debilitated the whole state,” John Berardesco said.

In Freehold, Barbara Ackerman also had a message for the governor.

“I’d like to tell him to lose some weight and get out there and shovel,” she told 1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney.

1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney reports

But Christie said he was constantly on his cell phone coordinating emergency operations and did not offer an apology.

“My first and most important responsibility — in my view — is as a husband and a father. I think I made that pretty clear to the people of New Jersey when I was running — that I saw that as my most important job,” Christie said.


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  1. jad19so says:

    If he wasn’t such an arrogant, sneering, bully, people wouldn’t be so quick to pile on.

  2. your mom says:

    Eh, Its new jersey…im suprised anybody cares.

  3. Ann Adell says:

    CBS should be ashamed of its story re: Christie and Neptune’s snow removal. What does the gov have to do w/ 11 Neptune public works employees calling out? And why hasn’t any “journalist” talked w/Sweeney re: his responsibilities during the blizzard — WHICH, incidentally, your meteorologist said would be way off shore?

  4. Continuum says:

    It’s nice that the governor puts his family before the good of the people of New Jersey.

    Now, suppose the police, firemen, EMTs, snow plow drivers and everybody else used the same lame excuse.

    And, now even though Christie said the blizzard was no big deal, he is first in line to ask the Federal government for money to help clean up this non emergency.

  5. ebenezer whoopie says:

    A love born once must soon be born again.
    A spark that burned, then died, leaving cinders to be fanned by the wind and thrown flame.
    Flames like tongues impassioned in a moments burst.

    This is the point that the Governor was trying to make.

  6. Antho69 says:

    The bottom line is were the right pple left in charge. If so move on. We all have jobs in life and we are dedicated to them. We also have families and they should always come first.

  7. The Truth says:

    Christie is the first real Gov to tell the truth. He deserves a vacation and even if he wanted to return the plane would never have made it to NY or NJ. In this day and age of technology he can keep in touch. Also the people he hired can cover.

    Next he needs to tackles those UNIONS and the PENSIONs AKA LOTTERY TICKET WINNERS.



  9. JAMIE says:




    1. Rich Scorce says:

      If Butterball cared so much about quality time with his kids maybe he should not have taken a job that calls for him to be on the job 24/7/365

      1. Bill says:

        so gov’t positions are only reserved for single folks with no family obligations?

  10. joe says:

    Too many idiots in NJ are all too willing to let government do everthing for them.

    Too bad CBS isn’t as interested in reporting truthful news, as spreading tabloid headlines.

  11. The Doc says:

    I’m not a Christie fan, but I’m a fan of children being happy. I’m glad he got to take his kids to a very special place. Let him be with this.

  12. Mike says:

    He should have given up his vacation and returned to New Jersey. The sad truth is that when you take on a responsibility to govern a state, you own it to your constituents the be there to rally the troops and calm the populance. There are some cases when the responsibilities to your job come ahead of your family. The was once such case. Many times the appearance of impropriety is more damaging then the impropriety itself. I get the impression that he likes to bully his way and that he believes that he is always right. If he had a political future, he may have just damaged it irrevocabally. We can only hope.

  13. nathan says:

    Im a Dem but geez ppl give him a break – you act like a cpl ft of snow is a terror attack.

  14. Mrs. H says:

    Whiney spoiled children

  15. Joe Dude says:

    Obama was in Hawaii during the storm. How dare he!!!

  16. William says:

    Its amazing how every issue. a snow storm, A cooment about Michael Vick or any small issue starts off the insults back and forth and the name calling liberal/conservative …its trully a sad thing to watch on TV, here , blogs …we might as well just have a civil war and get it over with as opposed to this uncivil war……..truly sickening and a waste of time.

  17. Steve M. says:

    I think you have to be partially brain dead to think the presence of the governor during a snowstorm would have made the slightest difference in the outcome. More feel good PC drivel. Can anyone explain exactly what that difference would have been?

  18. Michael Caprione says:

    At least he was smart enough to get out of that miserable weather and head to Florida!!

  19. Michael Caprione says:

    Grow up America. Let the guy live his life. Do you expect him to plow the snow or what?

    1. Mrs. H says:

      Americans are like children, needy and demanding and at the same time, unbelievably helpless. Always wanting someone else to solve a problem NO ONE could solve. Humans can NOT beat or get past mother nature when she decides to kick us in the teeth.

      When you all get smart enough….you will make some effort to move away from areas you now know will have difficult weather.

  20. Delphi says:

    In this emergency, did the plow operators put vacations with their families first? How about police officers? Fire fighters? Sanitation workers? Medical workers? Transit workers? Emergency managers? The common good is evidently a foreign concept to Chris Christie.

    1. Jo says:

      You’re a cry baby!!!!
      NJ had an acting Gov. it wouldnt make a difference if Christie was at home!!!!
      Your street would still be [plowed when it was, and not any time sooner.
      Relax… try shoveling yourself.

      1. Delphi says:

        If it doesn’t make a difference if the governor is too busy playing with a giant mouse to manage his state during an emergency, why have a governor at all? Why not save the money and choose an acting governor from the legislature when needed? New Jersey would be better off, believe me. And as for shoveling, we did, including working with neighbors to take care of shoveling for the elderly, clear fire hydrants, and to help free a bus that was stuck on the unplowed bus route.

  21. Leonard Wilson says:

    Going on a Florida vacation during a blizzard in his state and cancelling a rail tunnel that would’ve benefited thousands of commuters. It’s like Christie wants people to hate him.

  22. Almightywhitey says:

    Its the difference between the Professional Right that know how to delegate authority & the amatuer left who have to micro manage everything & everybody without positive result..

  23. EEE says:

    “You are all a bunch of cry babies! Again the liberal mindset finding a reason to personally attack a conservative politician. When did Corzine get off his butt to help? Stop the whining and welcome to reality!”

    AV, are u an idiot? When Obama has done things like this the conservative fools attack him.

  24. Gary says:

    Hey did anybody bother to check the weather at Disney World ! At one point this past week it hit 20 degrees! Some fun huh Especially for the little ones! You schleps from Jersey should be so luck to have a Governor who actually cares about his state. If I get my way Christie will be forced into a nomination for President. He in my opinion is one of the few outsiders who could win out over Obama, and be a real change maker. WE should all be so lucky to get a guy like him for President.

  25. Alex says:

    Everything Christie does – I support. I wish, as a New Yorker we have him as a Governor.

  26. Robert A B Sawyer says:

    “Life is about choosing and about decisions. I made the decision to be a father first,” Christie told reporters including CBS 2′s Christine Sloan.

    Very troubling notion.Can the Governor govern by cellphone, through surrogates, apparently he believes he can. Was it necessary for him to be in the state, probably not, but it’s an odd man who wants to govern and then doesn’t realize that anything done well requires sacrifice, including the sacrifice of quality time with his family.

    1. Dave says:

      Truthfully it is only Liberals who charge a Conservative Governor for going on Vacation when he has an issue in his state that he would be there for normally when their own beloved savior Obama has been on what seems enless vaca’s and golf outings in a world of trouble. Hmmmm….want it both ways for your guy but one for the other. Liars and hypocrites!

    2. Josie Gunner says:

      What could he have done differently being in the state? America is supposed to be all about family values. Often in his job he probably has to choose over his children. It’s not like he is on vacation every week with his kids.

      So some people have to shovel their own streets. Waaa!!! Guess what…. the fact that you don’t have to it all the time but once or twice every few years should keep you grateful for what you DO have. Back in the day, that’s what people did before the plows existed.

  27. AV says:

    You are all a bunch of cry babies! Again the liberal mindset finding a reason to personally attack a conservative politician. When did Corzine get off his butt to help? Stop the whining and welcome to reality!

  28. jdcapshew says:

    I think Christie is a jerk, anti-middle class, however, he’s right this time. I’m sure he was very plugged in to what was happening with the storm.

  29. don carmon says:

    christie is too fat to sleep in the same bed as his wife!
    vacations? remember all the bush vacations at his fake “ranch.”
    even after being warned about the coming 9/11 attack, he still
    wasted time playing cowboy.
    nj gets what they deserve- votein a new gov. next time.

  30. DEREK DEREK says:

    The better choice Governor Christie. We live in a tech savy world and nothing you couldn’t do from a phone–except shovel snow.You being there physically might have made little difference.I respect your choice as a Father and a husband.
    At least you made a decision and stuck by it. Abnormal for politicians. Is Jersey too small that it needs one man’s presence to function.

  31. greedo says:

    I have to be honest – I do not like Governor Christie and would never really back him up. But in this case I do think Christie is correct.

    There was nothing he could not coordinate via telephone. And even though the Lt Gov was also away, we did have Steve Sweeney stepping up to the plate – he’s a solid guy.

    Outside of that, I do think in the future the Gov & Lt Gov probably shouldn’t schedule coinciding vacations. Bad P.R. as we can clearly see.

    And as much as I do not like the man, Christie is entitled to vacation time just like any other job has. I do not know how many vacation days he gets, but that is really a separate issue. If, like any other job, he saved his vacation time until the end of the year & he and his family had this long planned then he should get to go. If it was something where he would be out of communication (like maybe a cruise, south pacific, etc.), then he would need to cancel and stay in NJ. But otherwise, what would have been done differently if he had not been on vacation?

  32. dane says:

    Listen up. Gov. Christie can take a vacation; the stooge in the white house goes on vacation every other week…and plays golf on the weeks in between…. Christie is one of the BEST, politicians we ever had…the union flame throwers are the idiots making all the noise…wake up….and have a happy new years…stop attacking this guy already…open your eyes and shut your mouths …this guy is the best thing that ever happened to NJ

      1. mark says:

        Well said!!!

    1. jdcapshew says:

      Your first sentence was fine and then you veered off into nuttiness.

    2. Lillymorgan says:

      Everyone deserves a vac, even public officials. What is being overlooked is that the Lt. Gov’s position was created by Christie to prevent a vac of power. So, here we are in a slight crisis and there is a vac of power. Why exactly do we have a new position of Lt. Gov with the exra salary when so many other jobs have been cut? It seems like we’re getting to be all bosses and no laborers.
      Christie is very good at finding a problem, telling people what they want to hear, how to fix the problem and shoving the answers down the throat, despite the consequences. Anyone can do that. A talented politician can do it without being insulting.

  33. Mari N says:

    Oh come on people! The Gov isn’t allowed to take a vacation?? Hell it’s not like there was nuclear bomb that went off, it was a SNOW STORM! Was he supposed to rely on the weathermen who fluxuated in their forecasts every hour?? That’s why there is a Lieutenant Governor to take his place in his absense. The man IS allowed a life.

    1. G says:

      Of course he’s allowed a vacation. But he didn’t leave the Lt. Governor in charge. She swanned off to wherever she went, and they left State Senator Sweeney in charge. The ONLY reason NJ has a Lt. Governor is to take over when the Governor is out of the state. At the very least, Christie and Guadagno should have coordinated their vacation schedules.

      1. AV says:

        Ms. Guadagno was visiting her dying father! Let it rest will you!

    2. G says:

      AV, no, I won’t leave it alone. There was no reason for both the Governor and the Lt. Governor to be out of the state at the same time other than personal choice. Either of them could have gone on their respective trip a week earlier or a week later. Do I think either of them could have handled the blizzard any better than Sweeney did? Frankly, no. That’s not the point. They were elected to do a job, and part of that job is showing up.

  34. K says:

    Exactly. Gov. Christie has accomplished things for NJ & is allowing Jersey to become a model for how the US govt should be run. He made the right choice & I’m glad he he had a good time. B’rack is ALWAYS on vacation & what has he done besides bring America to her knees.

  35. mike clark says:


  36. maxwest says:

    Isn’t strange that there are many who are yelling at Gov. Christie vacationing…but don’t say anything about Obama vacationing in Hawaii and costing the taxpayers over a million dollars while we struggle to make ends meet?

    1. Mrs. H says:

      Oh paleeeze ALL of the Presidents took constant vacations and none of you idiots said anything because theirs wasn’t reported in the news. You Americans will end up slitting each others throats over the election of one Black guy when it was your white men who sold the country out over a 100 year period. Myopic children.

  37. aldous huxley says:

    Nobody really likes Christie. I think NJ is upset as no decent candidates have been able to push their way through to the big ballot. There were some excellent third party candidates on the ballot, but Americans have been trained to believe that you can only vote Republican or Democrat. We need to change that mindset. Otherwise we will always wind up with a Christie-Type Governor. Same with the Presidency.

  38. sharon wolff says:

    How incredibly not politcaally incorreet for hIS hIGHNESS THE GOV to beout of state the same time as Her Highness. Seems they don’t know how to take turns. His Highness Gov Christie is a spoiled politician!

    1. AV says:

      Take a look at when your boy Obama was out of town and what was going on. Surprise Surprise Surprise!

    2. LM says:

      The BIGGER they are, the harder they fall! Don’t stand too close. It’ll hurt when he lands on you.

      1. LM says:

        Starve Christie!

  39. rodney k. says:

    Has anyone ever asked the question why Governor & Mrs Christie sleep in separate beds (like in “I Love Lucy”)?

    Has anyone ever investigated their 4 children to see if any of them are hoodlums?

    These are the hard hitting questions that demand answers!!!

  40. Steve S says:

    It snowed in NJ in December !! And the Governor didn’t come to my house and help me shovel! Waaah! Waaaah! I’m as helpless as kitten in a tree! Please someone come do my work for me and give me some free money also! I want my mommy!!!

    1. John Tully says:

      Yet, the first thing he does when coming home is asking the Feds for money.
      I say “buck up”

      GW Bush took more vacations than any President-ever…

  41. Delilah says:

    What I find so funny is isn’t he the one that cuts things because his state has no money now he goes crying to FEMA, Always needing help never wanting to help. I hope they tell him they have no funds.

  42. howsthefam says:

    I can’t wait to see how his complexion weathered all the scrubbing needed to exfoliate a tan. I doubt he’ll show his face till the swelling goes down, but when he does appear again, it better be with a shovel in his hand and sweat on his brow from the exertion of his efforts! Coward!

  43. aquart says:

    The Federal government has no money for him. It needed to extend tax cuts for the rich. It would have to borrow from China to give him money. Perhaps he should ask China. Or tax the rich.

  44. ayn Rand says:

    No aid for New Jersey. Let the free market take care of it.

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