Slush Sending Elderly Patients To Emergency Room

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — We all have to deal with slushy sidewalks these days, but for some it can be life-threatening.

Some hospital emergency rooms are treating large numbers of elderly slip and fall patients.

The most common injuries are to the hand, elbow and shoulder, for people who used their arms to try and break a fall.

And more disturbing are head injuries for those whose reflexes were not fast enough.

“They’re more prone to fall we’re seeing more old people with orthopedic injuries and head trauma,” said E.R. Dr. Michael Stern of New York-Presbyterian Hospital. “Even if the territory looks clear you can succumb to areas that are very, very slippery.”

Dr. Stern said take extra care and move slowly.

Also, you need to make sure you’re wearing footwear that doesn’t easily slip.


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  1. Gregg says:

    Why are most of these people soooo fat ? Most of the time that I am on a bus ,there would be twice as many seats available without all of these over weight people !

    1. unknown says:

      hey greg did you ever think that maybe if you couldnt do all the excersizing and moving you can do that maybe u just might be a little over weight too? its not necessarly their fault they are also on medication that can cause weight gain too ever heard of prednisone. its got alot of things it can change to a persons body, thing before you talk…

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