Crews Cleaning Up Times Square After New Year’s Party

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The crowds have cleared out, and now it’s time to clean up. City crews got to work Saturday clearing out the mess left behind in Times Square, Kathryn Brown reports.

With a kiss and a cheer, a million revelers rang in the New Year at the Crossroads of the World. Then, mere minutes after midnight, they were shuttled out.

Metal pens used for crowd control were opened, then hauled away, as an army of sweepers attacked mountains of confetti, over a ton of which rained down on Times Square.

Confetti mixed with the trash of a million people seemed an impossible job to tackle, but the pros used to doing this every year made it look easy, and at times, even fun.

Without a major security incident, even the cops took a quick break once it was over to celebrate the new year.


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  1. Alexis Graves says:

  2. Sydelle Houston says:

    When they get through with Times Square there’s a couple of blocks in Queens they can dig out! You would think the other 4 boroughs were part of another state! I’m so glad I didn’t vote for Bloomberg, he’s got more faces than wrinkles!

  3. wimpyNYNY says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 3ft of snow is a frost on the ground where i live!!!!!!!!!! N.Y. is full of wimps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. High IQ says:

      OR where you are from is full or morons.

  4. thisblogblows says:

    this blog sucks azz!!!!!! page keeps refreshing while im typing!!!!! the posters are pathetic loser new yorkers!!! fragile lil things aint ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LIZ says:

    Unfortunately it will never change. Manhattan will always be the JEWEL IN THE CROWN on the Mayor’s FAT HEAD. The other boros, could just DROP DEAD! Oh look, that actually rhymed!

  6. Tom says:

    How come the cross walks are cleared so the old and infirm can get out and about,same thing with the bus stops. Oh this is a story about manhattan, my bad

  7. cygon says:

    LMAORA. did bloomie write this oped piece??? MWAHAHAHAHA.. “other” boros still buried in brown snow. why don’t these cleaning pros come and ‘have fun’ this ‘seemingly impossible job’ that affects his LESSER constituents??

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