Keefe To The City: Chat With Sweeny Murti

By Neil Keefe
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It’s 2011 and the Yankees are still in need of a fourth and fifth starter. Well, unless you trust both Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre. Every Yankees fan is still waiting for Andy Pettitte to call Brian Cashman and tell him that he wants to pitch this season, but until then, the tri-state area is in panic mode as the Yankees scramble to create something that even remotely resembles a starting rotation that can compete in the AL East.

Names like Jeff Francis and Jeremy Bonderman have been mentioned to try and plug the holes in the rotation and keep the Yankees afloat until the trade deadline when a frontline starter might be made available. But can the Yankees stay in contention for the entire first half with a top-heavy rotation?

After many conversations in 2010, Sweeny Murti joined me for the first time in 2011 to talk Yankees baseball and try to figure out how the remainder of the offseason will play out in the Bronx.

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One Comment

  1. Mikey Mike-PR says:

    Say what you may the Yankees will find a way to survive, fight back and do what it takes to be competitive. This is a Business and it was built to run and pay dividends. I see minor problems but nothing that we can”t fix along the way! GO YANKEES

  2. dabooch says:

    Lastly, sorry can’t type that fast, the annual Johnny Damon snubbing occurred between Hanukah and Christmas. Mo Rivera was photographed with a Boston contract in hand. Other then that everything is fine.

  3. dabooch says:

    AJ is in his canoe casting thoughts of who knows. Teixiera is recovering from an O`fer performance. Swisher and Gardner have felt a shoe on their backsides all winter long. Jorge` has oredered flix to watch between dh stints. A Rod has been seen beaching on the Hudson. Canoe is calculating he’s now being grossly underpaid. Cashman is unloading the armored car. The Steinbrenner boys are busy in the corner counting all the money they took off Jeter.

  4. dabooch says:

    Gee Wiz the Wizard of Oz management team has desecrated the shaky ruminants of last years loosing ALCS team. Wood is gone. The Captain has been court-martialed and busted down to a lower pay grade. Andy is thinking of bailing.

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