Snow Slowing Drivers On Westchester, Putnam Roads

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The powdering snow the Big Apple was seeing along the coast Friday afternoon became more intense a few miles up the Taconic State Parkway, Lou Young reports.

The plows were already out in Westchester trying to keep multiple lanes open, but in the northern reaches of the County, they were losing the battle.

On the road, motorists crawled into Putnam County single file, and they were taking the wintry conditions very seriously.

“I just drove six miles from Putnam Valley and it’s terrible. I’m thinking about going home. I’m supposed to go into work today,” said resident Scott Mitchell.

When Young mentioned that he had four-wheel drive, Mitchell answered “Yes I do. I can move, but I can’t break that well.”

Lois Wilhem of Mahopac had an even tougher time on the road. “Even with the truck and the four-wheel drive I was fishtailing all the way down, so maximum travel speed is 20 miles per hour,” she said.

“I would recommend everyone to stay home, stay off the roads and just leave the professionals and the police department, you know, access to the highway,” Wilhem added.

Snow plow drivers in Putnam were ready for a long day on the roads. Young asked one how long he would be working Friday night.

His answer: “Depends on when it stops. Usually four or five hours after it stops.”


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  1. unemeth says:

    I am looking for an answer regarding the TSP North by Peekskill Hollow Road. Why do the plows get off on Bryant Park Road? Why can’t at least 1 snow plow stay on and salt the center lane for the NB traffic????? This infuriates me… this happens every time it snows… this uphill curve is the most dangerous!!!!! I need an explanation…. I just can’t imagine a good enough answer!!!!!

  2. Lois says:

    The vehicle was a four-wheel drive pick-up truck carrying no load (light rear) traveling downhill on road with a greater than 7% grade that was neither sanded nor salted.

  3. Nick says:

    How can an all-wheel drive vehicle fishtail in light snow? Did the idiot put on “fuel efficient” tires? Meaning NO Traction?

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