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3 Sentenced In NJ Gang-Related Killing

PATERSON, N.J. (AP) — Three reputed Bloods gang members are headed to state prison for their roles in the fatal group beating and stabbing of a Paterson teen.

Nigel Everett, Devon Parker and James Shiver had pleaded guilty last year to aggravated manslaughter in the June 2006 death of
16-year-old Keith Moody. Prosecutors say the three thought the teen had ties to the rival Crips gang.

Shiver admitted stabbing Moody in the neck, while Parker told several people at the scene to beat the teen. Everett admitted taking part in the beating.

Shiver was sentenced Friday to 19 years, while Parker received 18 years and Everett got 10 years. They must serve 85 percent of their terms before becoming eligible for parole.

Ten others have pleaded guilty in connection with Moody’s death.

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  • james123

    i agree with billy send em to war

  • Efferdent

    They were just keeping it real yo, in certain areas it’s all about keepin it real, forget education, jobs, even the parents preach keep it real son.

  • MsG

    This has nothing to do with the world population exploding. This is plain evil! The enemy of GOD is running rampant in the earth because as the Holy Bible says ” He knows his time is short”. It’s praying time people! We need to be calling on The Lord JESUS Christ because HE is our help, our help comes from The Lord. It’s the sign of the times & it’s serious.

  • joe conly

    they are jail bait… plain and simple….



  • Tariq Mahmood

    Death of late has become very common place thing. In cases people do not care much for their own lives. Suicide bombing and other acts of violence are indicataive tot the same trend. Maybe it is due to world population exploding. Nature has its own ways of controling.

  • CaptAmerica

    Why not the death penalty for these creeps??

    • Jere

      they are Bloods not Crips

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