Conn. Teen Killed While Riding ATV

EASTON, Conn. (AP) — An 18-year-old is dead after he was struck by a car while riding an all-terrain vehicle in Easton.

Police say they responded to a call reporting an accident on Sport Hill Road and found Robert Smuniewski laying in the road.

An ambulance was called and Smuniewski was pronounced dead just after midnight Saturday.

Police said 84-year-old Stewart Lahey of Bridgeport was driving the car that struck Smuniewski, who was thrown from the all-terrain vehicle and hit the car’s hood and windshield.

No arrests had been made as of Saturday afternoon.

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  1. Kevin LaShawn says:

    I didn’t go to high school with him, but his sister was one of the two best friends I had in elementary and middle school He was the funniest kid, all the time, and I’m sure that did not change as he grew up. I’ve been away for more than four year and hearing the news has me completely awestruck. I can’t imagine that the hyperactive kid that used to follow us around is gone. Rest in peace.

  2. junior says:

    you changed so many lives, mine included.
    Seeing everyone mourn your loss at school today really, really, really, showed me how much of an impact you truly had. I can only hope, within my life, that I make as many people laugh as you did. You had such a short time on this earth, but you’ve touched and impacted more people than most have in their long lives. I miss you so much. I’ll see you in heaven one day.
    We all love you and miss you more than you could ever imagine.

  3. Sean Hanczor says:

    “Only the good die young”.
    Rob Smuniewski,
    You will always remain one of the most amazing people I have ever met. It is simply unbelievable that God continues to take the great ones out of this world. Your life was short lived, but in that time you taught more people about the way of life and the importance of character, personality, and respect than any of us will be able to do our entire lives.
    I do not think you realized how many people you touched and affected in your time here. Your spirit and love will continue to live on in the hallways of Barlow and forever in our hearts.
    You have gone to a more peaceful place, but now we all have to suffer the loss of a tuly amazing person.
    We will forever miss and love you.
    Be easy man.

  4. jonhndee says:

    Rob was a great kid he will be missed by many people R.I.P Rob hope you find your self with all the red heads in heaven

    Is still hard to believe you are gone

  5. Barlow Senior says:

    How dare people come onto this website and make hurtful comments about this boy’s accident. I knew Rob my whole life, all through school he put smiles on everyones faces. He treated everyone with the utmost respect and was the greatest person I have ever met. His genuine smile never faded and he was a classy kid. To say he as an idiot or to question the importance of the story to new york is insensitive and rude. We all can learn from Rob. He was one of a kind.
    I miss you. All of Easton misses you.

    1. jonhndee says:

      Very well said people are just mean and idiots them selfs Rob was the best and still will be no matter what kind of mood you were in he always made you smile you just had to love the kid Im glad I got to laugh with him a few hours beofre his passing

  6. a joel barlow high school graduate says:

    Because that IDIOT changed the lives of every kid that went to his school. i knew him for my entire life before i graduated, to hear of his passing is devastating, he was someone that im sure the entire school would agree, would never be forgotten even before his passing.

    rob truly changed my life, rest in peace man

  7. Chauncy Weatherford III says:

    “Native Noo Yawker”: now THAT says it all.

    1. juinior says:

      he was wearing a helmet and he was pushing it….

  8. Sal says:

    84 year old driver.
    That says it all.

    1. Steve M. says:

      Actually, what “says it all’ is that the ATV was being ridden illegally on the street…I’ll guess he wasn’t wearing a helmet either…

      1. erin says:

        Robert was an amazing person who changed the life of everyone he knew. I saw him ride his atv everyday and he was never not wearing a helmet. You don’t know him or wether or not he was wearing a helmet so dont just guess.

      2. lisa says:

        As a matter of fact he was wearing a helmet!! Speak only as you know the facts!! What the hell is wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. anonymous says:

        Actually what says it all is that Rob was a better person than you wiill ever be steve.

      4. Brynn Gilchrist says:

        Dear “Steve M.”
        For you to make such a blatantly ignorant comment about this wonderful young man is truly disturbing. You obviously did not have the blessing of knowing Rob, I’m sure you would be worlds more respectful and sympathetic of is passing if you had. Although your comment was short and non-aggressive, it repulsed me that you would be so insensitive to the passing of any young man or woman.

        Robert was wearing a helmet.

        He was no typical teenage punk as you so imply; Rob was an extraordinary individual and his upbeat, confident, loud, happy, glorious spirit will live in all that had had the pleasure of knowing him.

      5. Brynn Gilchrist says:

        P.S Steve, if you dare think you have the right to scrutinize this young man, I truly do wonder what people will say when it comes your time to pass.

        Perhaps I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill but damnit, Robert Smuniewski brightened my day every single say that I saw him. He was the most innocent, well-meaning, caring, kind, hilarious kid I knew.

        You have struck a nerve with your comment and I strongly suggest you take it down. I’m sure there will be other people that are as incensed as I am about this comment and it is simply unnecessary to speak any ill of the dead.

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