NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A 9-year-old girl with big dreams was the youngest victim in the Arizona tragedy, Dana Tyler reports.

When John and Roxana Green think about their 9-year-old daughter Christina, they think about everything she loved about life.

“She had a lot of  interests, ballet, gymnastics. She just got a guitar for Christmas. The only girl the only girl on her  baseball team this Fall,” her father said.

Baseball was in her roots. Her father is a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers and her grandfather, Dallas Green, is a former manager of the New York Yankees and Mets.

Even at only nine, she was curious about politics. She went with a neighbor on Saturday to see Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords speak.

“She was very active in the community and she was going to visit Giffords because she was going to help the community,” said her mother. “It was  going to be a learning experience for her.”

Christina was killed in the rampage with one bullet. In a bitter coincidence, she was born on 9/11.

“It bookends her life. She came in the world on a tragedy on 9/11 and she went out on this tragedy yesterday in Arizona, but everything in between has been wonderful and she’s affected a lot of people,” her father said. “We’re just going to keep on remembering her forever.”

The Greens call it a random act of cowardice but have differing views about justice for the suspect held in the mass shooting tragedy.

“My wife is very forgiving in that regard. I’m a little about the Old West,” said Green. “It’s a fairly clear-cut case and I’m a fan of capital punishment in this regard.”

Christina also leaves an 11-year-old brother. Her parents said she is smiling down on their family.

“She is, was always a really bright light in our little family and she touched everyone that ever met her and she’ll always be with us. She was a very special, beautiful girl,” her mother said.

Christina was a third grader and she’d just been elected student council president.

Her principal said “Christina was a wonderful student with an infectious smile who touched the hearts of many adults and students here. She will not be  forgotten.”

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