MATAWAN, N.J. (AP) — Conductors are finding a big question in New Jersey Transit’s expanded quiet car program: How quiet is quiet enough?

The New York Times reports disputes have been breaking out in designated quiet cars over the past week.

Some passengers are trying to impose silence by hushing other riders. Others say they have the right to talk quietly, or at least whisper.

The transit agency expanded its quiet car program last week. Now, the first and last car in every train stopping at Newark and New York’s Penn Station is designated quiet.

Conductors are handing out business cards to loud riders reminding them to hush. The rules call for cell phones, computers and other electronic devices to be silenced.

NJ Transit spokesman Dan Stessel said that nearly all the feedback for the quiet car program has been positive and that it is likely to take about two weeks for passengers to get used to them.

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