Fireman Ed: ‘I Can Handle’ New England Crowd

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Outspoken Jets super-fan “Fireman Ed” Anzalone joined Boomer & Carton on Wednesday morning to pump up New York fans leading into this weekend’s playoff game against the New England Patriots.

On head coach Rex Ryan’s bold talk toward the Patriots:

“As long as you can back it up, it’s great,” said Anzalone. “If you can’t back it up, well then you’ve gotta shut your mouth.”

On Tom Brady’s on-field antics that promped Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie to call the quarterback an “a——“:

“He gets it done, so you know what? That’s the bottom line,” Anzalone said.

How will he deal with the testy crowd in New England?

“Wherever you go on the road, listen, you’re gonna get it, so that’s the way it works,” said Fireman Ed. “I’m a big boy, I can handle it.”

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pixy Fireman Ed: I Can Handle New England Crowd
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One Comment

  1. never a dolphin fan says:

    Is there anyway Ed can take his act onto the field and join the Jet Cheerleaders? Maybe he can bounce around on a trampoline during tv timeouts, with the girls catching him on his jump onto the field. Takes care of 2 things. He gets more air time and the people sitting around him can finally sit in the seat they paid for without him blocking their view the whole game. $125.00 a seat to watch this guy siting on another mans shoulders?

  2. MENSA JETFAN says:

    i’d rather have someone smarter and better looking like Captain Jet lead OUR CHANT.

  3. JETNUT09 says:

    jealous?? you build something?? number 1, he didn’t build anything, he helped to extend something that was started by someone else. he is financial capitalizing on something that was started out of fun and dedication, do you know how many games MR SUPERFAN has missed?? try a whole season.. i am angry, not jealous that the JETS organization has given preferential treatment to ANYONE.. it costs our tailgate operation $225 a game to park plus our tickets. my husband has’nt missed a home game since 1988. ed is a carpenter by day and a volunteer fireman. i am a middle class hard working nurse.. why does he get free tickets, great seats, etc. is’nt america about equality?? i’m so sick of seeing his face should have seen him in Pittsburgh, acting like he’s better than me?? a better fan?? he can KISS MY ASS..

  4. Bills Fan says:

    I am no fan of the Jets being they left us for New Jersey. I am now a Bills fan. However, I went to New England a few years back to watch a friend who played for Minnesota at the time. The people there we real @ssH0ies. They went to shove me when it was 12 on 1 and when I hit back and broke the ringleaders nose, they ran away. I HOPE THE JETS and Fireman Ed kick New Englands heads in!!!!

  5. liwingnut says:

    Allright Ed……Enough already…Go away…

  6. ChrisF says:

    Are you SURE you can handle it Ed? I don’t think you understand what you have coming.

  7. HHH says:

    I see we have a bunch of Giants fans here! why don’t you guys comment on your own team, even though yall are not playing talk about your next draft or something LOSERS!

  8. jets fan says:

    why is it when a person goes out and do something and it works for him the rest of the world gets jealous this is america you build something and it pays off good for him .and bad for all you people full of envy.maybe if you go out and do something you may find yourself with the rewards.

  9. tommyz says:

    Let’s see all of you turn down your state benefits and pensions and offer the money toward homelessness or poverty, or something worthwhile. Every state employee is a ward of the welfare system so don’t get so pious. Teachers, cops, firemen, sanitation, transit, all suck the economy dry equally when they decide they’re done working after 15 years. Lay off this guy.

  10. LuvFDNYHateEd says:

    Does anyone really remember anything about this Buffoon before the tragedy of 9/11? In my opinion he is the most disgusting character who takes advantage of the FDNY losses of that horrible day. his sense of entitlement from the Jets organization is disgusting.

  11. Frank Pessin says:

    Fireman Ed is a clown. Now we know he is a disability cheat. LOSER !!!! Somebody in Gillette just may shove his firemans hat up his ASS.

  12. joeymazz says:

    Hey who cares if he was a fireman. You know how much your long island teachers are robbing you every year? $80k to teach elementary gym? At least this guy was in the line of fire when a call did come in. Cops – same thing. Retire at 40 with $50k a year plus full benes. Don’t worry all of NY runs on tax supported public employee welfare, we were just too dumb not to get it in on it. Anyway, this guy seemed pretty genuine this morning on the show so lay off him.

  13. Dominick Mezzapesa says:

    With Fireman Ed it’s all about him. he became a cartoon character…sort of like Rex

  14. Rugbyball says:

    Fireman Ed, from a firehouse in Harlem forget which one, has retired last year from the FDNY, actually he has gone out on disability from an injury he got sometime in 2007. He is out on whats called “3/4” he gets three quarters of his salary triple tax free for the rest of his life, and will also get Social Security when eligible.
    He also gets free medical, and if he paid in, can get equivalent to 401k when age eligible.
    So he can afford the tickets, and more importantly the parking cost at New Meadowlands. Plus I think he gets the tickets free or heavily discounted from NY Jets now that he isn’t an employee of NYC. But not 100% sure on that one. That was just rumors.

    1. Rugbyball says:

      O ya forgot, that’s his brothers shoulders he is sitting on.

  15. Ken says:

    Typical Jets..Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!!

  16. djanova says:

    What about the poor guy that has been carrying him on his shoulders. At least he keeps his mouth shut.

    1. never a dolphin fan says:

      he mostly stands on the wall now blocking everyone’s view. It’s all about him remember. He doesn’t even fully make the letters now. Just mails it in. Just so long as he still gets on the megatron.

    2. ChrisF says:

      That’s his gay lover.

  17. never a dolphin fan says:

    Why doesn’t he wear his teeth to home games?

  18. cowboys_son says:

    WHY IS THIS ON THE FRONT PAGE??? Hasn’t Rex Ryan made a comment about this weeks game yet???? I can’t seem to find any coverage on it anywhere..

    Please give me some news!!!

  19. jay says:

    Ed my boy get a freakin life already..your 15 minutes is over, just as the jets will be..jerk

  20. carlo tullo says:

    do the jets pay him to be at every game now! how does this idiot pay for all these games on a fireman’s salary

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