Homeless Man With Golden Voice Headed To Rehab

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — From homeless to Hollywood to rehab – the man with the golden voice, Brooklyn native Ted Williams, was admitted for treatment Wednesday.

The sudden move came following an emotional, and physically dramatic, reunion with his adult children. As CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez reports, the drama isn’t over yet.

He went from homeless to Hollywood in just days, but Williams’ fast-forward jump to fame was silenced by his return to rehab.

During an appearance on the Dr. Phil show on CBS 2, the man with the golden voice admitted he had relapsed into drinking.

When the 53-year-old Brooklyn native first became a YouTube sensation he claimed to be clean.

Williams had been estranged from his family. Their recent reunion began as a joyous occasion, but it was marred when police temporarily detained the father of nine following a fight with one of his daughters. Janey Williams said her father has been deceiving everyone.

“Every single night he gets drunk, and he’s telling the world and telling everybody, making them believe that he’s been sober for two and a half years,” Janey said.

Williams’ publicist issued a statement saying Williams was entering drug and alcohol rehab, and that “after consulting with several psychologists and doctors, we all agree that it’s time to allow private healing to take place.”

Then, hopefully, Williams’ tarnished golden voice can shine again.

You can see the full interview with Ted Williams on Dr. Phil Thursday at 3 p.m. on CBS 2.

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  1. Sis. in Christ says:


  2. LEE says:



    D.J. LEE

  3. your mom says:

    this guy did in fact lie. I find it funny how many of you care abotuthis one homless guy…when was the last time you did anything to help the thousands out on your streets. shut up, let him drink himself to where he wants to be. The fame will only make it worse i garuntee it

    1. Nancy says:

      Wow. and were are you to say this? let people alone definetaly does NOT solve the problem. Obviously I can tell by your title of your name “your mom” your and immature douch bag who thinks he knows all about the world and its problems. well you dont. I bet you dontk now a damn thing about a hard life. this man has every right as anyone else to get back on his feet. sometiems people make the wrong decision, but it doesnt mean everyone has to be a prick like you and be snotty and rub it off. Its because of people like you our country is in the poor conditions it is today. You competly selfish.

  4. Marlowe says:

    Anyone in recovery for the first few years and even beyond are prone to Post Acute Withdrawal Symptom, Unfortunately for Ted this becoming a over night sensation was too much too fast and he had a relapse. I hope that in rehab they have a family day and the healing process for everyone can begin. Personally whether he was clean and sober prior to or even if he is gone from precontemplation to contemplation and then determination the motivation is now there to get clean and change his life now is a great thing for anyone who is caught up in the insanity of addiction.
    Unless you have a family member who is caught in the perils of the disease and have yourself been devastated by this disease and its selfish and self centered ways can you say to Ted or anyone that they are not worth it. We are all human beings and unfortunately we all make choices and his choice was to abandon his family over the drug or alcohol but the fact remains once he became addicted to the drug and alcohol it took over his life like it has many others. Now to say he doesn’t deserve recovery or the chance to heal is unhumanistic of us all, I can only hope he lets the Creator guide his life from here on and that he can be honest with himself and gets to alot of AA/NA meetings and finds the support he needs. Hopefully his new found employment does not affect his road to recovery and that he continues to keep his Ego in check.
    Good luck my friend in recovery and may the Creator bless you and your family and when you write your letter to yourself include the fact that you may have a golden voice but without the heart in place, no matter what is said it will be denied if it has no heart

  5. Kara says:

    Most people lie about something, especially those who are addicted. So, that’s no big deal. Did anyone truly expect him to say on national tv “Yes, I’m still getting drunk.” I truly hope this man is sincere about becoming clean. If so, he has opportunities so many of us only dream about. I wish Ted and his family the best. Hopefully, fences will be mended in the near future.

  6. R says:

    Yayy for positivity. To the woman who said she hopes she sees Ted burning in hell–wow. That’s a lot of vitriol. I hope Sadam Hussein and Hitler are burning in hell. Ted Williams, I hope he gets his life together while still on earth.

  7. The Good Samaritan says:

    He was only fooling himself.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. Krista Trenary says:

      Calling your own self..THE GOOD Samaritan ….now who’s fooling themself ?

      Do us all a BIG favor…….. Quit speaking….

  8. Ellen says:

    Fighting any kind of addiction is hard, and I hope that God is with Ted and gives him the strength to carry on. You can do it Ted. We’re all with you.

  9. Shannon Perkins says:

    We love you Ted?!!!
    The guy has payed no child support has never contributed to society and left americans who work and pay taxes to support his mistakes.
    The guy is a total con artist. Now hollywood is now using him for their own amusement like a clown. The only place I would like to see Ted is burning in HELL!!

  10. SueGee says:

    As soon as I heard him talk about how he “used to” use his voice to decieve people during robberies, it solidified my doubts about him being clean. I could see this was all just a ruse that unexpectly got uber publicity, and then he was stuck. No wonder his family and mom were so reserved, they knew. It was hard to let it all go, so much was being offered, but the demon still had a hold on him. He did at one point say “I want to be” clean and sober and making good decisions, and I believe that. I truly hope he goes to rehab and comes out clean. With a sober mind and the support of everyone who is STILL pulling for him, maybe he can make a success. We are still rooting for you, Ted. All is not lost, this is just the beginning.

  11. Sara says:

    In the throws of addiction, desperation and a basic survival instinct trumps any morals one may have. I, too had secretly hoped he was really clean for over two years. I wanted to believe this rags to riches fairytale. But the reality is we have a talented man with a serious problem. It’s no surprise he’s burned more bridges than he can repair. I saw the “reunion” with his mom, where it was evident she had been deeply betrayed by this man.
    But, all that being said… Here is a guy who is finally getting the help he so desperately needs. He got a taste of the life he can have if sober. That may be enough to motivate him.

  12. kay jay says:

    All of us make mistakes! The biggest one is to ignore reality. Ted has accepted the reality of his situation and is taking steps toward change. My prayers are that he will reach sobriety. Public condemnation will not help PRAYER will.

  13. James from England says:

    Hey, the minute I saw Ted emerge so dramatically into the spotlight,
    I knew it would put enormous pressure upon his resolve. It is very
    hard for anybody to cope with such sudden euphoria. Why are people
    so surprised? I thought we were an intelligent race. As for the lies, they
    come with the territory. As a friend of mine once said when addressing
    a drug and alcohol conference in Virginia Beach, “If their lips are moving,
    they’re lying.”

  14. Ishmael says:

    Stupid media gets duped again. I personally doubted his sincerity from the beginning. If clean for 2 years…why was he still on the street and looking so bad?

  15. Jack Daniels says:

    Get your act together Ted and I’ll take you out for some drinks.

  16. Pete Doyle says:

    “If there’s anything i hate in the world..is..a… LIAR!!!”

    Hate? You might as well hate a person for having a cold or the flu. He’s a sick man and one element of his disease is that he lies. Addicts and drunks lie; its part of the sickness.
    Unless this man has completely surrendered to the idea that he cannot drink alcohol at all, there is no hope for him.
    He was homeless for a reason. It had nothing to do with societal support or welfare systems; he is a drunk.
    The streets are full of talented people whose abilities are stunted by their alcoholism. Mr. Ted is not the first or the last to have a wonderful talent drowned by drinking.

    1. althea says:

      you’re just jealous :D:D:D!

    2. althea says:

      you’re just jealous…everyone deserves a second chance. get in line you might get one!

  17. aussie says:

    People with addictions and life problems dont need 5 minutes of fame to help solve their issues, they need a social system that offers long time welfare solutions.

  18. Benjamin David Rozak says:

    Ya know what, fame and fortune does crazy things to people Michelle. Chances were he would relapse soon, better now then later. He could have been clean before the interviews and the money started coming. Get him clean, keep an eye on him, and let him return to the world without the judgment. If he wants a clean restart, he deserves one. He hurt his family bad… he needs to fix himself and his family first… but I don’t think he needs people freaking out about this relapse when he apparently is taking steps to fix it.

  19. Reyna says:

    I knew he was lying…they all do…but hopefully this is all for the better…I think his families prayers were answered. I know I would pray every night that my father would come back to us. It shows us that prayers are answered, not necessarily the way it would seem, but answered..

  20. Michele says:

    ??? why are you giving this guy kudos??
    He duped ALLL of us! I can still see Matt lauer when talking to Tim on the TODAY show he was sooo impressed he teared up over how Ted kept saying he’s clean he made me believe it! If there’s anything i hate in the world..is..a… LIAR!!! There’s no reason he couldn’t just have said im in turmoil this is my dream to be a voice for all to hear but i struggle everyday. We all still would have liked him and felt for him that he afflicted with the horrible disease of alcoholism.. I would have respected him He could have said to Matt or any of the hundreds of interviewers that interviewed Im hoping someone can help me with this affliction so I can get back to what My dream really is! You can’t condem a person for having a disease who asks for help!! but…to suck us ALL in and lie to HUNDREDS of people…is sickening to me! He knew his kids were seeing all the news he knew each person he told hes sober for 2 1/2 yrs he looked them in their eyes and said IM CLEAN!!! I dont like being duped!! now he lost respect from millions!!! I have no clue if i have typos here because the writing is sooo light I cant even see the words I typed!

    1. lalantha Jayawardena says:

      Is he bluffing ?????????????

    2. chuck deez says:

      Nobody MAKES you believe anything. You believe it because you CHOOSE to. So why not accept responsibility for your own opinions and choices. If you think that you don’t lie, you’re a liar too. So I guess that would mean that you hate yourself. NICE!

    3. chuck deez says:

      If he could do that he wouldn’t be where he was. Git a GRIP people. When you are pointing that one finger at someone there’s 3 more pointing back at you. You should do some research on drug addictions or just watch tv to know that people who have these problems have the additional issue of denial. So you should really be questioning your own judgment. If you have been living on skid row for 10 years and you had a chance to get off in an overnight avalanche of praise and money, you might lie too. Compassion is always a good skill to develop if one does not have it naturally……

  21. MONICA says:

    come back to us ted…CLEAN !! WE LOVE YOU !!!!

  22. Big AL says:

    YES…you can do it Ted …all the best brother.

  23. Andrea says:

    Come on Ted you can do it, the world can be your oyster!!!!!

  24. Mateo says:

    Hopefully he’ll be on Dr Drew’s Celeb Rehab soon– He’s Fantastic.

    Get Better Ted

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