Jets Take Down Pats, Advance To AFC Title Game

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP/CBSNewYork) – So the Jets weren’t all (trash) talk after all.

Now Rex Ryan’s rowdy bunch is headed to its second straight AFC championship game after New York backed up its coach’s boasts with a 28-21 win Sunday over the Patriots – the team that had the best record in the NFL.

Mark Sanchez threw three touchdown passes and Tom Brady was sacked five times in the most-hyped of the weekend’s four postseason games following a week of verbal potshots from both teams.

The Jets led their fierce rival 14-3 at halftime before Brady’s 2-yard touchdown pass to Alge Crumpler and Sammy Morris’ run for a 2-point conversion made it 14-11 late in the third quarter. But Sanchez came right back with a 7-yard scoring pass to Santonio Holmes and New York finished the upset with Shonn Greene’s 16-yard touchdown run.

Glenn Schuck of 1010 WINS was at Gillette Stadium and reported that Jets fans echoed chants of “Super Bowl” and floated obscenities at Brady after victory was at hand.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck with ecstatic Jets fans in Foxborough

“This is the greatest thing ever man.  We’re going on all the way. We’re going to the Super Bowl.  It’s our time finally,” one Jets fan told Schuck.

The Jets (13-5) kept Ryan’s prediction of a Super Bowl appearance alive. New England (14-3) lost its third straight postseason game.

Ryan has said many times that the Jets are a Super Bowl-caliber team, and has irritated fans, opposing players and media with his bold comments. Last week he said the game was a contest between him and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Then, after Antonio Cromartie called Brady an expletive on Tuesday, Ryan said he wouldn’t punish his cornerback.

The ultra-serious Belichick wasn’t as kind to Wes Welker.

The wide receiver was benched for the Patriots’ first series for subtle remarks apparently directed at Ryan. Welker made several references to feet in his news conference Thursday, interpreted by some as a dig at recent foot-fetish reports involving Ryan.

But when the game ended, Belichick walked slowly to midfield where he met Ryan, patted his conqueror on the back with his left hand and shared some words.

Sanchez completed 16 of 25 passes for 194 yards and touchdowns to LaDainian Tomlinson, Braylon Edwards and Holmes. Brady, who played poorly for his second straight postseason game, was 29-for-45 for 299 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.

After Greene scored the Jets last touchdown, he put the ball on the ground like a pillow and rested his head on it. A quiet climax to a loud week.

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  • Maisha Brang

    Thanks for providing such information. vnoeihbgt

  • drew douc

    nice teeth bart scott you ugly monkey f—

  • o-bone

    Moose is talking about “facts” and “clowns.” Moose is a clown saying that Phil Simms chastised Braylon for celebrating. Jim Nance said he shouldn’t do that. Phil Simms said that ‘if there were ever a time to celebrate, this was the time.” Get your facts straight, idiot.

  • Jake Teep

    Why is Bart Scoi’t so angry he won??????

  • mex

    Boomer’s halftime comments were moronic. The NY Jet FAN made three statements predicting the collapse of the team, the inexperience of Sanchez and the greatness of Brady. He predicted a lopsided victory for the Pats. You embarassed yourself as you do every morning Boomer!

  • Giuseppe Franco

    Francesa- your arrogance runneth over. Break out the green and white pom poms. You will likely suck up to the Rooney’s this week as you do the Mara’s. How does the “Cro” taste?

  • edy

    I’m a GIANTS fan, but am glad the JETS beat New England and that mummy of a coach Belchick or whatever his name is. Glad he got his A$$ wooped. HA< HA<HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Bessygo

    Way to go Jets Jets jets any NY team that hands there jock to a Boston team way to go.lets go Jets from a a die hard Giant fan.

  • bigfootinqueens

    Nance and Simms sold out today. Simms waited until one minute left to admit the Jets played a good game. Hey Nance>>>>> you and Brady can now say “Good night friends”!

    • BobbyONJ

      Could Nance have been any more of a homer for the Pats? A call to Boomer and Carton is in order to call him out. Simms? Couldn’t really tell. Nance? Pathetic. Truly Pathetic. May the Jets (regardless of next week’s outcome) not forget whose $$$ and heart and Nance was on. Pathetic.

  • martini_NY

    I’m a Yankee and Giant fan, so i am not very ecstatic about the Jet win,But anytime we beat a Team from Boston, I”S A GREAT DAY!!

  • Mike Franseca

    The jets got lucky, I know everything and you are all so dumb. I’m looking forward to talking down to all fans tomorrow on my show. Rex Ryan is a boofoon. Hey doggie get me a Twinkie.

    – mike francesa

    • Guillotine Mma

      Hey Mike with a comment like that it looks like your the boofoon! Jets outplayed New England plain and simple. Tom Brady was off today it had nothing to do with luck.

      • 2Mannings-1Cup

        Not sure you get the joke, but that makes sense given the Jets demographic of hammer swingers and bow-tahds.

    • bessygo

      Mike a twinkie !!!!!!!!! How about some humble pie

  • Ellen

    I’m am happy for you Jets fans. And here in Lowell Massachusetts I will be rooting for the Jets to win the Super Bowl.

    • Dino

      Ellen, you are a true sweetheart! Wish I could give you a great big kiss.

  • John

    And the Empire State Building is lit up for at least one more week!!

    Go Jets!!!

  • Ellen

    class works, well that’s a sad story indeed, Certainly not teaching their kids anything , are they.

  • 2Mannings-1Cup

    Rex Ryan is fat. Good luck in the Superbowl, Steelers.

    • Guillotine Mma

      70% of America is FAT whats our point! Didn’t the Jets already beat the Steelers? Oh yeah they did and they have a chance to do it again. At least Rex can go on a diet and loss the weight but there is nothing you can do to fix you face.

    • QuantumEX

      As a Jet fan we have waited two long. We will do what we have to win an get to the big game. Enough of this BS talk from all you Jet haters!
      “Every Battle Is Won Before It Is Ever Fought” (Sun Tzu)
      Go Jets It Is Our Destiny!

      • 2Mannings-1Cup

        Rex is fat though, right? Btw, it is “too”.

  • class works


    Expecting NY and BOS fans to exhibit sportsmanship towards each other is like asking Isreal and the Arab world to form one united country. Just wont happen.

    Unfortunately on the internet, that expectation decreases exponentially.

  • Ellen

    I just got off the Boston Herald site and must say that both the Jets and Pats fans are showing poor sportsmanship in a big way. To all you Pats fans stop with the trash talk about Tom Brady and the Pats. To all you Jets fans remember being a poor winner is worse then being a poor loser. Wish the wining team well, stop with the belittling of the losing team, and remember wining isn’t everything, but being a good sport is.

  • class works

    If Rex would show the same class always that he showed in todays post game conference the Jets would finally get the respect in and outside New York that they deserve. Even Francesa would



  • Bills Fan

    wow! truly impressed by Rex and the Jets…best of luck in the road to the SB

  • Ray

    My beloved Jets are taking it all the way this year! I love this game!

  • Ellen

    edgar. I mean that with all my heart. I may be a Pats fan, but I love New York. Hope all you Jets fans have a great night, and go on to even a greater Super Bowl win.

  • edgar

    That is so humbling Ellen. Thanks for your support and, hopefully, the Jets will not disappoint.

  • Ellen

    I congratulate the New York Jets for wining AFC title. They deserve it because they outplayed the Pats big time, And I do hope and pray they go on to win the Super Bowl. This coming from a Pats fan here in Lowell Massachusetts. So now I will love to say, Go Jets. Congratulations once again.

  • QuantumEX

    Franseca will say Brady had an off day! Francesa it is about time you wake up and
    smell the coffee! Brady is no Super Man!

  • robert papa

    Hey franseca. Brady looks ordinary when he can’t sit back there with a cup of coffee.

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