CT St. Sen. Wants Nickel Tax On ALL Grocery Bags

BRIDGEPORT, CT (AP) – A Connecticut lawmaker is reviving efforts to charge a fee for grocery bags.

Sen. Edward Meyer, chairman of the Legislature’s Environment Committee, is proposing a nickel tax for every plastic or paper bag shoppers get at the grocery store.

The Guilford Democrat tells The Connecticut Post that plastic bags are “hostile” to the environment and the goal is to get people to switch to reusable cloth bags.

The revenue from the 5-cent tax would go into a fund overseen by the state Department of Environmental Protection.

A similar bill in 2009 failed, in part because some people wanted an outright ban on plastic shopping bags.

Gene Seidman, who helped lead that effort, said a nickel tax is too small and won’t discourage people from using plastic bags.

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One Comment

  1. Joe Sr says:

    Pogo, I thought of the breathing tax years ago. Here’s how it works. Every person,from the womb to the tomb gets a breath-o-meter hung around their neck. Every breath they take is a penny for the state. Ih hard times it could be raised to two cents. That shouls shut the politicos up and satisfy the senator.

    1. pogo the clown says:

      LOL … great minds think alike 🙂

      1. Joe Sr says:

        Pogo – Hope we meet again

  2. pogo the clown says:

    No. We all know that revenue will find it’s way into the pocket of the Senator proposing the bill. That is how politics works.

    I am proposing a breathing tax – I have a device that records how many times per hour someone takes a breath. Those people who consume more than the recommended amount of air will be taxed accordingly. I will get the proceeds and make sure it goes to good use: namely broads, booze & bud.

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